Sunday, April 4, 2010

What A Story?

The number one seed of the 2010 NCAA Tournament is the Kansas Jayhawks. The second number one is the Kentucky Wildcats. And the third number one is the Syracuse Orange.

In most of the Final Four scenarios there was a lot of Jayhawks, Wildcats, Orange, and Villanova. I fell for the Villanova curse even though they clearly weren't good enough to go to the Final Four. I picked Baylor twice to go to the Final Four, but people hate Duke. People (me) had a problem with picking 'Cuse, so they picked Pitt(me)(YUCK!) and K-State.

Not once Butler. Not once Michigan State. Except for the crazy 200 people on ESPN that had perfect Final Fours. Now this gut feeling about Duke to the Final Four back at the beginning of March, tells me I gotta trust my gut. People picked Duke because it has been a common phrase, "Don't EVER trust Duke."

Well now here we have a National Championship between an under-estimated, small conference program, Butler, against the most hated one-seed and courageous Duke Blue Devils. This is a year where everyone was expecting that two of the biggest programs in college basketball, Kansas and Kentucky, would square off in a coaching duel and a game featuring seven first round draft picks. I should've thought that like most one-and-done's (Durant, Derrick Rose) usually never get the prize of a National Title.

Now to my prediction. After my dead on Finals prediction, of Butler by 2 and Duke with a Scheyer explosion, I think that I have to go with the villain. I mean the odds most definitely face the Butler Bulldogs. Home court, on a great run, and two future NBA pros, but I think if Duke could blowout WVU, they can take on Butler.

Butler 62, Duke 65.

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