Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interview with Greg Anthony

Here is an interview with Greg Anthony. He has won a National Title and played in the NBA Finals. He is now an analyst on CBS and a great guy. Here is our interview:

BW: What was your greatest thrill of playing in the NBA?

GA: Playing for an NBA Championship under Pat Riley!

BW: What is your favorite part of announcing?

GA: The fact that I'm blessed enough to make a living doing something I would do for free. Every aspect of it is fun, allows me to stay in touch with the game that has meant so much to me my entire life.

BW: Where do you think Lebron’s going?

GA: I think Lebron is right where he's going! I can't see any scenario that would have him leave.

BW: What current player reminds you of yourself?

GA: Good question. I'd say Kalin Lucas at Michigan State.

BW: Who was your idol and why?

GA: My mom, I wish I could have told her that more often...She sacrificed everything so that I might have a chance to pursue my dreams...Magic Johnson was someone I admired because of how much joy he had in playing the game.

BW: Do you have any interest in coaching?

GA: I've thought about it yes, maybe down the road but I got an awesome job that I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

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