Saturday, April 17, 2010

From One WNBA Great to the Next: Interview with Courtney Paris

Courtney Paris was one of the best women's college basketball players of this era. She is now a member of the Chicago Sky and nice enough to do this interview with me:

BW: Do you regret going to Oklahoma over champ UConn?
CP: No, I don't regret going to Oklahoma over UConn... they were my top two schools but I feel like Imade the right choice. UConn is a great program and I wanted to go to Oklahoma and help make it become great as well.

BW: What was your most embarrasing moment of your career and why?
CP: Most embrarrssing moment had to be top of my junior year I was with the national team in Chile and I thought our game was 3 hours earlier then it was. So I had my uniform and bag and everything ready to go at our team lunch and I walk into the room and everyone else is in their normal clothes, then Diana Turasi goes, "Hey coach look like the rookies ready to play."

BW: What was your toughest moment and why?
CP:Toughest moment had to be my last college game in the Final Four, I really wanted to win a national championship but the thing that was really tough was knowing that it was the last time I would play with that group of girls.

BW: Who was your idol?
CP:I love Tamika Catchings of the Indiana Fever.

BW: Do you think women will play in the NBA? If so, do you think you will?
CP: Well right now we are forturnate to have our on National Basketball Association in the WNBA but if a women were to play in the NBA I would say it would be Candace Parker. Most post players in the nba are between 6'10- 7 feet. Candace is 6'5 and she has guard skills so she would probably be the best to do it.

BW: Who is your toughest opponent?
CP: I find most times the toughest opponent is myself.

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