Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exhilarating Week in New York

The New York Mets have signed Jason Bay and probably Bengie Molina.
The New York Jets beat the Colts and with a win over the Bengals they are in the playoffs.
The New York Giants season is finished at the hands of the Carolina Panthers.
The Nets kill the Knicks for their third win of the season.
Lastly, New York's Time Square is to be packed for the ball drop tonight.

First off the Mets. With the signings of Bay and Molina, the Mets still aren't contenders in the National League. Their idea of getting a pitcher was Kelvim Escobar. They need a pitcher if they want any shot. I've heard that possibly they could trade Luis Castillo and more to the Cubs for Carlos Zambrano (no Soriano Amy). If you match them up next to the Phillies, the Phillies win about 8 of the nine positions even with Bay. I think the Mets will jump out to a great start until they lose Jose Reyes and two-thirds of their ugly bullpen. They could finish as a lousy second place team if they go to Port Saint Lucie without a nice starter.

J-E-T-S! The Jets are still alive as we approach 2010 as the Giants are done. Not what was expected when the Giants started off with a 5-0 start. After the Panthers tore them apart with back-up quarterback, Matt Moore, the Giants 2009 were laid to rest.. The Jets though just need a win over Cincinnati to get in, who could choose to sit their starters or "lay down" as Lamar Woodley, of the angry Steelers say. The Pittsburgh linebacker says the Pats and Bengals will "lay down" and lose to their opponents just so they don't need to possibly play in the playoffs against the defending champs. Are New Yorkers in for another bad last week where our playoffs chances are killed? Another heart attack season? Ocho Cinco says the Jets' Darrelle Revis is in for a field day, but is Chatty Chad in for a game on the bench? With a Pats win, the Bengals are locked in at the fourth seed. Whether or not their starters will play is still undecided.

Tri-state area basketball hasn't been fun this year. The Knicks lost to the three win Nets last night, an embarrassing loss. On Christmas Day, I saw the Knicks play D-Wade and the Heat. The Knicks really do struggle in the second half where they don't know how to put the cap on the game. The play hard when its too late (5 seconds left). Rumor has it, the Knicks could be interested in another former all-star, big mouth, Tracy McGrady. My brother and I even got a "We Want Nate" chant going. Knicks fans should have fun seeing the Nets or the Jazz (who have their draft pick via the Marbury trade) select Kentucky freshman stud, John Wall, in June.

Tonight ends a great and scandalous sports year full of second chances. A-Rod, from scandal to champ. Tiger, from scandal to indefinite leave. The legendary teams took the big time championships, UNC, UConn, Lakers, Yankees, and Steelers. The new hockey team of the decade, Penguins, will become a legendary franchise sooner or later in the new decade. To everyone, a happy and healthy new year.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


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Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Done

The Saints have won the Super Bowl.

Losing on the final drive after fighting back from a 24-3 deficit and losing 24-17. That moment could've defined the Saints season and Drew Brees' career. But it didn't. Tony Romo played his best game of his career, but that gives the spark for the Saints to win it all. Watching Demarcus Ware knock the ball loose from Brees' hand has to tell Brees that he needs the Super Bowl.

The Saints have won the Super Bowl.

Saints, Colts

Would you ever think the team's first loss would make me pick them, well it does.

Now everyone I'm going to sleep.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It Went So Quick

Roy Halladay is traded. John Lackey is coming to AL East and Hideki Matsui is leaving it. Chone Figgins joins the Angels AL West rival and so does Cliff Lee, the Mariners. The D'Backs add Edwin Jackson and the Bronx Bombers trade for Granderson. Speedster Juan Pierre is also a Soc, White Soc that is (Thank goodness not a Red Soc). All in the blink of an eye. And even today the O's signed Garrett Atkins and Mike Gonzalez.

The offseason is definitely heating up and most of the big names have found a new home, but that doesn't mean there aren't any others around. The big outfield names, Jason Bay and Matt Holliday want the dough and both have teams very interested in them. Bay and the Mets have been in serious talks and Holliday is leaning towards re-joining the Cards. The middle-tier pitchers are still around, Joel Piniero and Jason Marquis. Marquis wants to be a New Yorker, Met or Yankee. The Mets, Yankees, Nationals, Orioles and Angels are among the teams showing an early interest in Piniero, who is considered one of the best pitchers left. There also is the Cuban Duo, Noel Arguelles and Aroldis Chapman. Chapman has everyone interested in his flame throwing ability. Arguelles is supposedly in the midst of a deal with the Royals. Well, if you need a right side infielder, there are three around, Felipe Lopez, Orlando Hudson, and Nick Johnson. Rumor has it Johnson could wear pinstripes once again. Anybody want Ben Sheets? I've seen that nearly every team is "interested" in the once good righty. He was K'O'd with injuries this year. He's won 10+ games with the Brew Crew in his 7 of his 8 seasons. Except for twice out of those seven years, he has lost 10+ games also. The years with less than ten losses were his best. He even won ten plus games his first five years. His earned run average in those first three seasons were 4.76, 4.15, 4.45. So should the Yankees get a guy with a 3.73 lifetime ERA, elbow injuries, and almost as much losses as he has wins?

I don't think I should go on and on about baseball considering there is plenty time to go before opening day. I picked the Heisman order correct, but would you dare to follow my football picks? Well here are the week 15 picks of mine:

The XXX means the ones I picked. Here's my picks Poppy.

Next posting I'll give you my take on the college bowl games.

RIP Chris Henry of the Bengals.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Did you ever think that at the beginning of the season the Colts and Saints could be 16-0? Well, they are just three games away from doing just that. They both have great quarterbacks, good running backs, and nice young receivers. Their future opponents are pretty good, but somehow I think they will finish the regular season undefeated.

The Colts play at Jacksonville and Buffalo and at home against the New York Jets. Well, the fleur-de-lis play at Carolina and at home against the great Buccs and the Cowboys. So as the season is just three weeks till the playoffs, do you think that both teams, one team, or neither teams go undefeated? If they both do go undefeated which quarterback wins the MVP award?

I think that... the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts will win three more times and go undefeated throughout the REGULAR SEASON. Richard Seymour, of the Pats team that went 16-0 and lost in the Super Bowl said he would rather have won the Super Bowl instead of going undefeated. I think that they will play in the Super Bowl against each other. I think that Drew Brees will win MVP because the Saints are more of a passing team than the Colts. My early Super Bowl prediction is.... the Saints, 20, Colts, 28. I'll probably change that as the season unfolds. I think that if anything the teams to replace them would be the Chargers or Vikings.
Check back soon.

Friday, December 11, 2009


My location at the moment is on the 44th of the hotel where four of the most popular people in sports today are. Tim Tebow, the great. He will go down in history as arguably the best quarterback in college football history. Then there's Ndamakung Suh, the big defensive lineman from Nebraska looking to steal the trophy. Then its Colt McCoy. The Texas superstar is a Top-10 projected pick and a two time nominee and player of the year. Then the tailbacks, Ingram and Gerhart. Both explosive with great potential. I'm am sitting on a tan table with my black briefcase. Sitting, waiting, wishing. I've seen the hopefuls today and even got Timmy T to laugh a few times. But I'm 0-4 (McCoy hasn't arrived). I'm on the second highest floor. Ingram and Tebow are in an interview room. Wait, I just got a call from my dad. Bad news. Ingrams down on the 8th floor. I've spent all this time here. Wasted. Oh, and my picks. In this order it will be Ingram, Gerhart and Suh real close, McCoy, and Tebow. Wish me luck. Check back soon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I'm back after a pretty long hiatus and I will be back on here as much as possible from now to January 9th, my bar-mitzvah. Since we are now in one of my favorite parts of the year, the bowl season, Heisman, and NFL crunch-time, I am excited about my return. I've been lacking my college basketball following also, so by the time you have your brackets you will be with great advice from the blogger. So what have I missed. I can make a bullet list that will reach the floor if I was to write one, but you and I would rather read about what I haven't missed. Bob Costas told me last year at an event, "Never bad-mouth somebody." So in that case, I will not be writing about the faults of Tiger Woods, only his successes (that should make Poppy happy). So what am I going to write about? I think I'll start with college football, but for now on you can comment below this article on what you want me to write about. The Heisman weekend is approaching and there isn't even a clear cut three finalists anymore. Currently you would think the three might be Tim Tebow, Florida, Colt McCoy, Texas, and Alabama tailback, Mark Ingram, but that is WRONG. They all have upsides and downsides, but there are other contenders who only have upsides. There is Stanford running-back, Toby Gerhart, the dark horse. His upside reaches up to the Empire State Building's highest point. What's not to love about Gerhart? He's the most powerful running back in America, and he's only getting stronger as the season goes on. His performance against Notre Dame was stunning. Gerhart rushed for 205 yards and 3 TDs against the Fighting Irish tonight. He also threw a TD pass and caught one for 33 yards. Gerhart finished the regular season with six consecutive games of 120 rush yards or more. The next dark-horse, a quarterback. Boise State has been a powerhouse since I was nine. They never went to the title game and were constantly undefeated. Their old face was Ian Johnson, a dominant back there who now is on the 10-1 Vikings. Johnson has no experience to losing. Kellen Moore, the new Boise State man kicked off his year in a great game against Oregon. The postgame was all that was remembered of that. When Oregon's LeGarrette Blount threw a sucker punch at a Boise player and continued going nuts, Moore's performance was erased from all brains. He might not catch the top contenders because of the quality of Boise State's opponents, but Moore has been brilliant under center. He has thrown five touchdown passes in three games this season, including two of his last three contests.

The clear frontrunner is Colt McCoy. The experts on say that so far the voting so far is that McCoy has 67 total, Gerhart has 61, Tebow has 35, Ingram has 27, and Moore has twenty for. McCoy leads in first place votes, Gerhart leads second place, Ingram leads third place votes, and Tebow leads in fourth place votes. The question is this year going to repeat what happened last year. When Texas Tech quarterback, Graham Harrell was the clear fourth place he arrived in New York City, just to be sent home the day before the ceremony. This year that could happen to arguably college football's greatest player ever, Timmy T. In ESPN's case they could keep the top teams quarterback for the ceremony, even if he isn't in the race. I would definitely want to watch the event with Gerhart, McCoy, and Ingram standing next to the Gator icon. My pick before one of the largest college football weeks would go to Colt McCoy. Colt has kept his team undefeated all year and stayed in the top three. His team has been overshadowed by the SEC powerhouses, but held their spot. The scenarios are endless on who can be the winner. 'Bama and the Gators face off Saturday where a ton of things can happen. First, injured Mark Ingram can not play and throw away his shot or he can play. Against Auburn he played really bad and if he plays the same way against Florida he is out of the race but if he runs wild, leading to a win, that would make him a finalist and give him a shot to win a national title. Almost the same goes for Tebow. His numbers haven't been all that great, but if he plays great he locks himself a trip to New York, but with a loss and a decent game then he will miss out on being a two-time Heisman winner and a two-time National Champion. Nothing can take Gerhart out of the race, but McCoy could be. If McCoy and the Longhorns fail to win the Big 12 against Nebraska on Saturday he fails a shot at the BCS Championship. That wouldn't be the first time McCoy did that. Last November, Michael Crabtree made an amazing catch in the final seconds to stun the top ranked Longhorns eliminating Texas from title contention. McCoy needs one quick win against the Cornhuskers and he is in for a NYC trip and becomes one win from a National champ. So far this season Colt has thrown 3328 yards with 27 touchdown passes with just 9 interceptions. Comment your Heisman pick and who you think will play in the National championship game.