Thursday, April 15, 2010

Interview with Trevor Immelman

Trevor Immelman won the 2008 Masters. Both PGA Tour tournaments he won (The Masters and The Cialis Western Opens), Tiger finished second. He is from South Africa and was the 2008 PGA Rookie of the Year.Here is our interview:

BW: Who was your favorite golfer growing up?
TI:My favorite golfer growing up was Ernie Els.

BW: Who was your idol and why?
TI:The only idol I'll ever have is Jesus Christ.

BW: How hard is it to concentrate while playing the Masters?
TI:It can be hard to concentrate with so many people around, but you need to find a way to block it out and focus on your game.

BW: What was the first thought after you won the Masters?
TI:My first thought was " I can't believe it, I've won the Masters."

BW: Where is your "Green Jacket"?
TI: All past champions keep their Green Jackets in our lockers at Augusta National.

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