Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exhilarating Week in New York

The New York Mets have signed Jason Bay and probably Bengie Molina.
The New York Jets beat the Colts and with a win over the Bengals they are in the playoffs.
The New York Giants season is finished at the hands of the Carolina Panthers.
The Nets kill the Knicks for their third win of the season.
Lastly, New York's Time Square is to be packed for the ball drop tonight.

First off the Mets. With the signings of Bay and Molina, the Mets still aren't contenders in the National League. Their idea of getting a pitcher was Kelvim Escobar. They need a pitcher if they want any shot. I've heard that possibly they could trade Luis Castillo and more to the Cubs for Carlos Zambrano (no Soriano Amy). If you match them up next to the Phillies, the Phillies win about 8 of the nine positions even with Bay. I think the Mets will jump out to a great start until they lose Jose Reyes and two-thirds of their ugly bullpen. They could finish as a lousy second place team if they go to Port Saint Lucie without a nice starter.

J-E-T-S! The Jets are still alive as we approach 2010 as the Giants are done. Not what was expected when the Giants started off with a 5-0 start. After the Panthers tore them apart with back-up quarterback, Matt Moore, the Giants 2009 were laid to rest.. The Jets though just need a win over Cincinnati to get in, who could choose to sit their starters or "lay down" as Lamar Woodley, of the angry Steelers say. The Pittsburgh linebacker says the Pats and Bengals will "lay down" and lose to their opponents just so they don't need to possibly play in the playoffs against the defending champs. Are New Yorkers in for another bad last week where our playoffs chances are killed? Another heart attack season? Ocho Cinco says the Jets' Darrelle Revis is in for a field day, but is Chatty Chad in for a game on the bench? With a Pats win, the Bengals are locked in at the fourth seed. Whether or not their starters will play is still undecided.

Tri-state area basketball hasn't been fun this year. The Knicks lost to the three win Nets last night, an embarrassing loss. On Christmas Day, I saw the Knicks play D-Wade and the Heat. The Knicks really do struggle in the second half where they don't know how to put the cap on the game. The play hard when its too late (5 seconds left). Rumor has it, the Knicks could be interested in another former all-star, big mouth, Tracy McGrady. My brother and I even got a "We Want Nate" chant going. Knicks fans should have fun seeing the Nets or the Jazz (who have their draft pick via the Marbury trade) select Kentucky freshman stud, John Wall, in June.

Tonight ends a great and scandalous sports year full of second chances. A-Rod, from scandal to champ. Tiger, from scandal to indefinite leave. The legendary teams took the big time championships, UNC, UConn, Lakers, Yankees, and Steelers. The new hockey team of the decade, Penguins, will become a legendary franchise sooner or later in the new decade. To everyone, a happy and healthy new year.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


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Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Done

The Saints have won the Super Bowl.

Losing on the final drive after fighting back from a 24-3 deficit and losing 24-17. That moment could've defined the Saints season and Drew Brees' career. But it didn't. Tony Romo played his best game of his career, but that gives the spark for the Saints to win it all. Watching Demarcus Ware knock the ball loose from Brees' hand has to tell Brees that he needs the Super Bowl.

The Saints have won the Super Bowl.

Saints, Colts

Would you ever think the team's first loss would make me pick them, well it does.

Now everyone I'm going to sleep.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It Went So Quick

Roy Halladay is traded. John Lackey is coming to AL East and Hideki Matsui is leaving it. Chone Figgins joins the Angels AL West rival and so does Cliff Lee, the Mariners. The D'Backs add Edwin Jackson and the Bronx Bombers trade for Granderson. Speedster Juan Pierre is also a Soc, White Soc that is (Thank goodness not a Red Soc). All in the blink of an eye. And even today the O's signed Garrett Atkins and Mike Gonzalez.

The offseason is definitely heating up and most of the big names have found a new home, but that doesn't mean there aren't any others around. The big outfield names, Jason Bay and Matt Holliday want the dough and both have teams very interested in them. Bay and the Mets have been in serious talks and Holliday is leaning towards re-joining the Cards. The middle-tier pitchers are still around, Joel Piniero and Jason Marquis. Marquis wants to be a New Yorker, Met or Yankee. The Mets, Yankees, Nationals, Orioles and Angels are among the teams showing an early interest in Piniero, who is considered one of the best pitchers left. There also is the Cuban Duo, Noel Arguelles and Aroldis Chapman. Chapman has everyone interested in his flame throwing ability. Arguelles is supposedly in the midst of a deal with the Royals. Well, if you need a right side infielder, there are three around, Felipe Lopez, Orlando Hudson, and Nick Johnson. Rumor has it Johnson could wear pinstripes once again. Anybody want Ben Sheets? I've seen that nearly every team is "interested" in the once good righty. He was K'O'd with injuries this year. He's won 10+ games with the Brew Crew in his 7 of his 8 seasons. Except for twice out of those seven years, he has lost 10+ games also. The years with less than ten losses were his best. He even won ten plus games his first five years. His earned run average in those first three seasons were 4.76, 4.15, 4.45. So should the Yankees get a guy with a 3.73 lifetime ERA, elbow injuries, and almost as much losses as he has wins?

I don't think I should go on and on about baseball considering there is plenty time to go before opening day. I picked the Heisman order correct, but would you dare to follow my football picks? Well here are the week 15 picks of mine:

The XXX means the ones I picked. Here's my picks Poppy.

Next posting I'll give you my take on the college bowl games.

RIP Chris Henry of the Bengals.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Did you ever think that at the beginning of the season the Colts and Saints could be 16-0? Well, they are just three games away from doing just that. They both have great quarterbacks, good running backs, and nice young receivers. Their future opponents are pretty good, but somehow I think they will finish the regular season undefeated.

The Colts play at Jacksonville and Buffalo and at home against the New York Jets. Well, the fleur-de-lis play at Carolina and at home against the great Buccs and the Cowboys. So as the season is just three weeks till the playoffs, do you think that both teams, one team, or neither teams go undefeated? If they both do go undefeated which quarterback wins the MVP award?

I think that... the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts will win three more times and go undefeated throughout the REGULAR SEASON. Richard Seymour, of the Pats team that went 16-0 and lost in the Super Bowl said he would rather have won the Super Bowl instead of going undefeated. I think that they will play in the Super Bowl against each other. I think that Drew Brees will win MVP because the Saints are more of a passing team than the Colts. My early Super Bowl prediction is.... the Saints, 20, Colts, 28. I'll probably change that as the season unfolds. I think that if anything the teams to replace them would be the Chargers or Vikings.
Check back soon.

Friday, December 11, 2009


My location at the moment is on the 44th of the hotel where four of the most popular people in sports today are. Tim Tebow, the great. He will go down in history as arguably the best quarterback in college football history. Then there's Ndamakung Suh, the big defensive lineman from Nebraska looking to steal the trophy. Then its Colt McCoy. The Texas superstar is a Top-10 projected pick and a two time nominee and player of the year. Then the tailbacks, Ingram and Gerhart. Both explosive with great potential. I'm am sitting on a tan table with my black briefcase. Sitting, waiting, wishing. I've seen the hopefuls today and even got Timmy T to laugh a few times. But I'm 0-4 (McCoy hasn't arrived). I'm on the second highest floor. Ingram and Tebow are in an interview room. Wait, I just got a call from my dad. Bad news. Ingrams down on the 8th floor. I've spent all this time here. Wasted. Oh, and my picks. In this order it will be Ingram, Gerhart and Suh real close, McCoy, and Tebow. Wish me luck. Check back soon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I'm back after a pretty long hiatus and I will be back on here as much as possible from now to January 9th, my bar-mitzvah. Since we are now in one of my favorite parts of the year, the bowl season, Heisman, and NFL crunch-time, I am excited about my return. I've been lacking my college basketball following also, so by the time you have your brackets you will be with great advice from the blogger. So what have I missed. I can make a bullet list that will reach the floor if I was to write one, but you and I would rather read about what I haven't missed. Bob Costas told me last year at an event, "Never bad-mouth somebody." So in that case, I will not be writing about the faults of Tiger Woods, only his successes (that should make Poppy happy). So what am I going to write about? I think I'll start with college football, but for now on you can comment below this article on what you want me to write about. The Heisman weekend is approaching and there isn't even a clear cut three finalists anymore. Currently you would think the three might be Tim Tebow, Florida, Colt McCoy, Texas, and Alabama tailback, Mark Ingram, but that is WRONG. They all have upsides and downsides, but there are other contenders who only have upsides. There is Stanford running-back, Toby Gerhart, the dark horse. His upside reaches up to the Empire State Building's highest point. What's not to love about Gerhart? He's the most powerful running back in America, and he's only getting stronger as the season goes on. His performance against Notre Dame was stunning. Gerhart rushed for 205 yards and 3 TDs against the Fighting Irish tonight. He also threw a TD pass and caught one for 33 yards. Gerhart finished the regular season with six consecutive games of 120 rush yards or more. The next dark-horse, a quarterback. Boise State has been a powerhouse since I was nine. They never went to the title game and were constantly undefeated. Their old face was Ian Johnson, a dominant back there who now is on the 10-1 Vikings. Johnson has no experience to losing. Kellen Moore, the new Boise State man kicked off his year in a great game against Oregon. The postgame was all that was remembered of that. When Oregon's LeGarrette Blount threw a sucker punch at a Boise player and continued going nuts, Moore's performance was erased from all brains. He might not catch the top contenders because of the quality of Boise State's opponents, but Moore has been brilliant under center. He has thrown five touchdown passes in three games this season, including two of his last three contests.

The clear frontrunner is Colt McCoy. The experts on say that so far the voting so far is that McCoy has 67 total, Gerhart has 61, Tebow has 35, Ingram has 27, and Moore has twenty for. McCoy leads in first place votes, Gerhart leads second place, Ingram leads third place votes, and Tebow leads in fourth place votes. The question is this year going to repeat what happened last year. When Texas Tech quarterback, Graham Harrell was the clear fourth place he arrived in New York City, just to be sent home the day before the ceremony. This year that could happen to arguably college football's greatest player ever, Timmy T. In ESPN's case they could keep the top teams quarterback for the ceremony, even if he isn't in the race. I would definitely want to watch the event with Gerhart, McCoy, and Ingram standing next to the Gator icon. My pick before one of the largest college football weeks would go to Colt McCoy. Colt has kept his team undefeated all year and stayed in the top three. His team has been overshadowed by the SEC powerhouses, but held their spot. The scenarios are endless on who can be the winner. 'Bama and the Gators face off Saturday where a ton of things can happen. First, injured Mark Ingram can not play and throw away his shot or he can play. Against Auburn he played really bad and if he plays the same way against Florida he is out of the race but if he runs wild, leading to a win, that would make him a finalist and give him a shot to win a national title. Almost the same goes for Tebow. His numbers haven't been all that great, but if he plays great he locks himself a trip to New York, but with a loss and a decent game then he will miss out on being a two-time Heisman winner and a two-time National Champion. Nothing can take Gerhart out of the race, but McCoy could be. If McCoy and the Longhorns fail to win the Big 12 against Nebraska on Saturday he fails a shot at the BCS Championship. That wouldn't be the first time McCoy did that. Last November, Michael Crabtree made an amazing catch in the final seconds to stun the top ranked Longhorns eliminating Texas from title contention. McCoy needs one quick win against the Cornhuskers and he is in for a NYC trip and becomes one win from a National champ. So far this season Colt has thrown 3328 yards with 27 touchdown passes with just 9 interceptions. Comment your Heisman pick and who you think will play in the National championship game.

Friday, September 18, 2009

College Football '09

There have been many big college football headlines already going into a bunch about USC. I got the opportunity to attend a USC football practice days before week one. I got to meet all the players and the coach and talk to them. I learned star safety is really confident about winning the Heisman and wants to be a Seahawk. Also that Pete Carroll's favorite quarterback is Heisman bust, Matt Leinart. But I got the chance to talk to star quarterback Matt Barkley. Unfortuneatly, Matt won't being playing this week with causes Aaron Corp to start. I bet that third ranked USC will cruise against Washington anyway, which takes me to my picks.

Tonight: #10 Boise State over Fresno State

Tomorow: #1 Florida barely over Lane Kiffin's Tenesee Vols-31-28
#2 Texas (UPSET ALERT) over Texas Tech (GAME OF THE WEEK)-34-28 OT
#4 Alabama over North Texas-52-17
#5 Penn State over Temple-38-21
#6 Ole Miss over SE Louisiana-45-13
#7 BYU over FSU-54-35
#8 Cal over Minnesota-17-13
#9 LSU over LA Lafeyette-21-17
#10 Ohio State over Toledo-38-20
#11 Oklahoma over Tulsa-24-16
#18 Nebraska over #12 Virginia Tech-31-26
#13 TCU over Texas State-42-17
# 14 Oklahoma State over Rice-63-24
Oregon State over #15 Cincinnatti-38-34
Oregon over #16 Utah-24-21

Heisman Hopefulls- Max Hall, BYU, Matt Barkley, USC, Jevan Snead, Ole Miss and of course Tebow and McCoy.

National Title Prediction-Texas .vs. Alabama/Ole Miss

Check back on my picks later. And press the ads

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Interview with Ex-Baseball Player Billy Sample

Billy Sample played in the big leagues from 1978-1986 for the Rangers ('78 to '84), Yankees ('85), Braves ('86). He was an outfielder and formerly worked on Radio. Here are some questions he answered via e-mail.

BW: What was it like wearing pinstripes?

BS: Pinstripes made me look heavier.

BW: What was your favorite team to play for?

y favorite team was whichever was winning the most, my Yankees year we won 97, but did not make the playoffs.

BW: What teams did you dream to play on?

BS: The 78-84 Rangers, 85 Yankees and 86 Braves.

BW: Who was your idol?

I didn't have baseball idols, but always admired the way that former Yankees outfielder Roy White played the game. When I was with the Yankees, I told him so, he didn't believe me:-) My real idols were teachers, Cub scout leaders, and coaches as I was growing up.

BW: What would you tell someone who wants to make it to the big leagues?

BS: To get to the majors, work hard, and work hard on potential
talents, (speed, power, soft hands on defense, etc).

BW: Is it cooler to play in the MLB or work for the MLB?

No longer work for MLB or the dot com, but even if I did, it's much cooler to play in the majors, especially if you and/or the team are doing well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interview with the Other Great NL East Draft PIck Steven Matz

At the MLB Draft signing deadline headlines were made by a prospect who will over shadow this one for years. Steven Matz is an 18 year old pitcher from Ward Melville High School on Long Island who also got signed at the deadline like Steven Strasburg. Matz was signed by the Mets, possibly creating a pitching rivalry in the NL East. I got the chance to interview Mr. Matz at CitiField last night.

BW: Were you always a Met fan?

SM: Yes I was.

BW: Who is your favorite current Met?

SM: Johan Santana.

BW: What is it like to get picked for your hometown team?

SM: It was awesome.

BW: Will you be better than Steven Strasburg?

SM: (laughs) I hope so.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Greatest Series of All-Time

It has had everything. Overtimes, fade-a-ways, game winners, clutch plays and excitement are only some words to some up the round one series between the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls. Tonight it will end, game seven. This game has a different feeling then any of the first six games because tonight Boston will get to watch number 5 hit the court and the crowd will go insane. Garnett has missed the series with injuries but is probable for tonight's game.

Without KG the Celtics have survived with amazing performances by Pierce and Ray Allen with help from the young Rajon Rondo. Rondo lost the game for the team in Chicago where Derrick Rose blocked his shot with time expiring in the third overtime. Rose has played like a superstar along with the NCAA star teammate Joakim Noah. Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Kirk Hinerich, and Ben Gordon have played great two and those four have something in common, Final Four appearances.

So tonight the historic series concludes and it will in historic fashion. The Boston Garden will be rockin' all night when they get to see a magnificent game. Expect OT's and memorable shots while this game goes till the final seconds when the Boston Celtics LOSE to the Bulls. I thought Boston would but I think they will tonight.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Repeat,Way Off

The Boston Celtics were favorites this year and last year to win the NBA Finals, but injuries have heard their chances of repeating. KG went down, Powe's done, Rondo's ankle problems are a problem, and Tony Allen's threats are definitely set backs for Doc Rivers' team. Two summers ago this team put together the greatest offseason of all time where they acquired Garnett, Rondo and Allen, the ones who built a title.
Now this year they entered as the number two seed and now are in trouble as the series is tied at two a piece but Ben Gordon's injury will hurt the Bulls. Derrick Rose is red hot but I think the Bulls will lose the next two and watch the Celts play either the hot Sixers or Dwight and the Magic.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Playing With The Heart of a Champion

24-9 was the score very early in Monday nights national championship game, the North Carolina Tar Heels were playing like champs. They had already won all of their tournament games by over 10, but looked shaky early on. The Tar Heels faced Radford, LSU, Gonzaga, Oklahoma, and here was hometown Michigan State. After the Radford blowout, the team was doubted going into the game almost every time. Lawson wasn't healthy and it worried people. So up 15 pretty early you could tell the direction the game was going in.

55-34. That was the record setting halftime score. MSU was advertised as a tough team but I had barely saw that all night long. Morgan struggled and that sunk the Spartans ship. Strong games from the starting five and Ed Davis led to the 89-72 victory. Hansborough had the night of his life and proved that he could live up to the hype and finally win a title. Now Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington, two draft stars, have to make the tough decision, do they want to fight for another title or leave their legacy at Carolina after the school's second title in the past 5 years. Carolina has a shot to win another one but without two leaders, Danny Green, the Babylon boy, and Psycho-T, Tyler Hansborough. T has left his legacy laying on Ford Field's floor. One of the best player of the decade is heading to the NBA but is well doubted of his pro-level ability. Duke is looking good for becoming the pre-season number 2 seed, will that keep Lawson around in Chapel Hill.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Predictions [in nearly all sports]

I have slacked off this March Madness. I was in first place until a coach-less Memphis Tigers fell to a team I originally had going to the Final Four, Missouri and then Louisville and Pitt's horrible Elite Eight fall knocked me out. My favorite team, Carolina, has been my pick for the past five years but this year I mixed it up with a Memphis-Pitt final and that didn't work out well. So now my predictions have to come alive for 2009. Last year my final choice was jinxed after I posted it as my first ever article but this year I'm hoping the jinx doesn't hurt my Heels.

Villanova has been a strong number three seed who deserved a two from the start, but I think the journey will end in a slim 81-78 Tar Heel victory. And then next MSU against UConn. This was the easiest pick for me, UConn plays tough and defeats Michigan State. UNC and Connecticut, two one seeds with two strong big men. Now I hope the jinx comes alive, the stronger UConn beats Carolina to win it all.

On February 1st, 2009 the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl. After that I made a prediction of SB44, Pittsburgh against CHICAGO. The Bears have just acquired left tackle Calvin Pace and superstar QB Jay Cutler. Cutler was picked up after being furious in Denver for Kyle Orton and 3 draft picks, two of which were first round. The Bears are strong watch out.

With a pick added to Denver I will have to update the mock draft as the date comes closer. I definitely have some mix-ups knowing Nate Davis will be struggling to find a job, the Niners don't want Matthew Stafford, and the recent developing story that BC star, B.J. Raji failed his drug test today. I can't believe training camp is soon but I am more shocked baseball is finally here.

Now it is time to predict everything baseball possible and if you disagree just post a comment or email me at where you can also subscribe so that when a new article is posted you will be updated.

Now lets start with the strong NL Central. The Cubs are as strong as ever and will definitely wreck up that division. Then I think the Reds could surprise many people and finish in second with the young core of stars such as Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Edwin Encarcion and Edison Volquez. The team also has strong veterans like Jonny Gomes and Aaron Harang along with free-agent Gary Sheffield who the Reds are pushing for. Next right on the tail of the Reds is the Brew Crew and Cherpin' Cards. The Brewers have a strong lineup but the pitching staff weakened losing Sabathia, Gagne and more and the Cardinals picked up Khalil Greene but I don't trust them well, they'll finish a game or two behind Milwaukee. Next comes the Houston Astros who I think will play well in April and May but get worse as it develops. They have great talent for a team who I think will finish in fifth place. They have Hunter Pence, Tejada, Berkman, Mike Bourn, Carlos Lee and more but I don't trust them in August. And last of all the horrible Pittsburgh Pirates who had not big acquisition unless you count Eric Hinske, an ex-Rookie of the Year. Pirates will win 50 games.

Next is the American League West which will be better without K-Rod. The Angels will win a close division with help from Bobby Abreu, Brian Fuentes, and a great year from Vlad. One and a half back falls the Oakland A's with good new talent in Nomar, Giambino, Matt Holliday and Orlando Cabrera. The A's will keep the Angels pace with a consistent season from Orlando Cabrera. Then along comes a fresh new Mariner team with Grif back, Endy Chavez and more cheap talent with a new manager, Don Wakamatsu. Then there is the Rangers who have week pitching that doesn't show the true talent of Hamilton and Kinsler. They lost a key part to last years success, Milton Bradley and that will bite them in the tush in October.

The highly anticipated NL East is next on the list. I love watching the collapses but Met fans, those days are over! The Mets will hang on with a great new 'pen and a strong Delgado all the way from April to September. Next falls the NL Wild Card '09, the Phils who will be annoyed that Burrell is gone when they look at the standings. Ibanez won't fill Pat's spot but the Phillies will be strong. Then comes the newly-improved Braves, with Lowe, Javy Vazquez and Kenshin Kawakami. Florida finishes fourth with a week off-season and a fight with Hanley. The Marlins chemistry is going down the drain, just like their chances.

LOS ANGELES IS THE TEAM TO BEAT IN BASEBALL AND BASKETBALL. The extreme bullpen with a great bench squad featuring Mientkiewicz, Ausmus, Lorreta and more and of course Manny Ramirez. LA will wreck it up and it will be ugly. Next is the D'Backs. Upton, Young and Reynolds will put up big numbers to keep them in the race. San Fran and Colorado sum up the bottom. SF is too weak to fight with the Dodgers or D-Backs.

Up next is the popular AL East. I will start from the bottom with the Baltimore Orioles. You don;t win a hard division with picking up Gregg Zaun, Felix Pie, Cesar Izturis, Ryan Freel, Ty Wigginton, Adam Eaton, and more names that wouldn't impress you. Then is the Jays who had no new moves except calling up star prospect Travis Snider. The Jays and O's will compete all year for last place. Then comes the three strong teams: the Rays, Sox, and Yanks. That order is the opposite of what I think it will finish. Tampa, in third, puts up a strong fight with Burrell but no Upton in April stings later on. CC has brought a new chapter to the rivalry. The Yanks finally have the talent to win the division. Tex and CC help the Yanks beat Boston's new talent (Smoltz, Penny, Saito and Baldelli).

I will finish the standings with the AL Central. This five team division has pop. Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago, KC and Cleveland. The Sox win the division with another strong year from Quentin. Minnesota makes a late season case but can't win it all. Detroit stuns with its amazing talent that didn't show up in '08 and then the Royals fall one game short of hopping in front of the Tribe.

I will post awards later on but now I will guess the first Yankee and Met to hit a regular season homer at their ballpark. The Yankees, Jorge Posada, will smack the first Yankee Stadium homer and Danny Murphy will do the same at citiField.

Last off the Cavs and Lakers will meet in the NBA Finals. Be ready for the Spurs and Celtics to give a strong fight in the Conference Finals to the two teams.

Check back with my predictions as the games and seasons go down.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Mock Draft (As of Now)

In late February, two months before the big day, I have an idea of my NFL Draft Mock Draft:

The Detroit Lions select as the first pick of the 2009 NFL Draft quarterback from Southern California, Mark Sanchez. 

His powerful arm and wonderful stats has given him an honor to work with the 0-16 Lions.

2.St. Louis Rams-Andre Smith, Alabama

3. Kansas City Chiefs-Aaron Curry, Wake Forest

4. Seattle Seahawks-Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

5. Cleveland Browns-Brian  Orakpo, Texas

6. Cincinnati Bengals-Jason Smith, Baylor

7. Oakland Raiders-Jeremy Maclin, Missouri

8. Jacksonville Jaguars-Eugene Monroe, Virginia

9. Green Bay Packers -Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State

10. San Francis 49ers-BJ Raji, Boston College

11. Buffalo Bills-Aaron Maybin, Penn State

12. Denver Broncos-Rey Maulaluga, Southern California

13. Washington Redskins-Michael Oher, Ole Miss

14. New Orleans Saints-Vontae Davis, Illinois

15. Houston Texans-Brian Cushing, Southern California

16. San Diego Chargers-Knowshon Moreno, Georgia

17. New York Jets-Matthew Stafford, Georgia

18. Chicago Bears-Duke Robinson, Oklahoma

19. Tampa Bay Bucs-Chris Wells

20. Detroit Lions-Peria Jerry, Ole Miss

21. Philadelphia Eagles-Brian Pettigrew, Oklahoma State

22. Minnesota Vikings-Josh Freeman, Kansas State

23. New England Patriots-James Laurinitas, Ohio State

24. Atlanta Falcons-Clay Matthews, Southern California

25. Miami Dolphins-Larry English, Northern Illinois

26. Baltimore Ravens-DJ Moore, Vanderbilt

27. Indianapolis Colts-Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest

28. Philadelphia Eagles-Eben Britton, Arizona

29. New York Giants-Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland

30. Tennessee Titans-Hakeem Nicks,  North Carolina

31. Arizona Cardinals-LeSean McCoy, Pittsburgh

32. Pittsburgh Steelers-Alex Mack, California


1. Detroit Lions-Max Unger, Oregon

2. Kansas City Chiefs-Tyson Jackson, LSU

3. St. Louis Rams- Patrick Chung, Oregon

4. Cleveland Browns-Shonn Greene, Iowa

5. Seattle Seahawks-William Beatty, Connecticut

6. Cincinnati Bengals- Paul Krueger, Utah

7. Jacksonville Jaguars-Evander Hood, Missouri

8. Oakland Raiders-Jamon Meredith, Southern California

9. Green Bay Packers- Robert Ayers, Tennessee

10. Buffalo Bills-Chase Coffman, Missouri

11. San Francisco 49ers- Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma

12. Miami Dolphins- Sean Smith, Utah

13. New York Giants-Clint Sintim, Virginia

14. Houston Texans- Darius Butler, Connecticut

15. New England Patriots-Jairus Byrd, Oregon

16. Denver Broncos-Rashad Johnson, Alabama

17. Chicago Bears-Louis Delmas, Western Michigan 
(The extra leaders the Bears need?)

18. Tampa Bay Bucs- Sen'Derrick Marks, Auburn

19. Dallas Cowboys-Kenny Britt, Rutgers

20. Philadelphia Eagles-William Moore Missouri

21. New York Jets-Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma

22. Minnesota Vikings-Fili Moala, Southern California

23. Atlanta Falcons- Percy Harvin, Florida

24. Miami Dolphins-Ron Brace, Boston College

25. Baltimore Ravens-Victor Harris, Virginia Tech

26. New England Patriots-Brandon Tate, North Carolina

27. Carolina Panthers-Nate Davis, Ball State
It would be a shock but West Virginia's Pat White deserves this job.

28. New York Giants-Ziggy Hood, Missouri

29. Indianapolis Colts-Javon Ringer, Michigan State

30. Tennessee Titans-Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech

31. Arizona Cardinals-Herman Johnson, Louisiana State

32. Pittsburgh Steelers-Jaron Gilbert, San Jose State

That is what I think should be the first two rounds of this years draft. I will be changing this as the events continue.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Tri-State Playoff Run

As of today, the New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks are tied for the 9th seed in the Eastern Conference just two games out of the 8th seed. Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee are currently the last 3 teams in but they have lost a combined 9 in a row. The Detroit Pistons after a bad midseason move are falling fast as they have lost 5 straight.

The Tri-State teams are led by a young core with a good veteran. Devin Harris and Brooke Lopez lead the younger core of the Nets with veteran superstar, Vince Carter while the Knicks are led Krypto-Nate, who is playing with so much heart that the Knicks are playing like a playoff team. He is surrounded by Mr. Double Double, David Lee, and veteran pickup, Al Harrington, who currently averages 21 points. 

So who has the edge, The Knicks. The talent level the Knicks have to finish the year against is extremely lower than the Nets. The Knicks meet only two good teams in the Hornets and Orlando, who they play twice. Orlando is starting to struggle though with the loss of Jameer Nelson. The Nets schedule though is much tougher as they come down the stretch. The Nets have to play Boston, Orlando and Cleveland twice. They also play New Orleans with the dominant CP3.

So as the two teams we expected to share dead last fight for the post-season, we have to sit back and just watch Nate fly over 7 footers.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Soap Opera Which Is Alex Rodriguez

He was went through a divorce, Madonna, 500 home runs but the next chapter is titled February 2009.

His positive test has led to a meeting with Peter Gammons and a press conference with 200+. He has been haunted by his nickname of A-Rod which has been made fun of and changed in every possible was besides A-Nice Guy. Rodriguez very hyped up arrival to spring training has only turned into more people doubt his credibility. The man has PROBABLY told some lies to the public but who knows maybe it's all true but America wants him to look bad. A-Rod has made the sports section full of rude headlines and no forgiving him. Rodriguez wants to focus on baseball and contribute to the run for championship number 27.

So will the country that only forgives celebrities cannot forgive a future Hall of Famer. The only way that A-Rod could be forgiven sadly is if the Bronx Bombers bring one back to the new Yankee Stadium.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

XLIII: The Score, The Prediction

The Arizona Cardinals will play the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight. 

There are many aspects that will take place in this game. 'Zona rarely wins on the east coast but plays well in warm weather. The dome they play in is warm and the weather will be 66 degrees with 5 MPH of wind tonight. Also how intense could the '08 version of the Steel Curtain. James Harrison will be at his best and hopefully Big Ben will be also. Kurt Warner has sensational as of late, but the real Arizona story is Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz hasn't been the superstar of the Cards in the past few weeks taking the spotlight making for an unhappy Anquan Boldin. Boldin is a free agent at the end of the game and then the bashing will begin. Boldin left the celebration at the NFC title game after being a leader in his whole Cardinal career. While Fitz is out catching passes, and Boldin will be yelling at the coordinators, but Fitzgerald's father will be reporting at the Super Bowl. When Fitz was younger he shared a practice facility with Hines Ward, his opponent and nut case Plaxico Burress. Also as a kid he worked as a ball boy for the Vikings and spoke with stars such as Randy Moss and Cris Carter. 

So down to the point I have predicted my final score of Super Bowl XLIII and here it is:

Pittsburgh Steelers

Arizona Cardinals
After Pittsburgh wins the MVP is...
Hines Ward who catches 7 passes for 150 yards.

Enjoy the venue of the year.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


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What Comes Around, Goes Around?

A few days after he rejected the Yankees 5 million dollar contract with bonuses, Joe Torre's book deal was announced. The book is written by SI's, Tom Verducci. The latest reports in the New York papers say that Torre blasts the team that he won 4 championships with. The book reveals the foolish nickname the Bombers called A-Rod, A-Fraud and his rivalry with teammate, Derek Jeter. Torre was embarrassed with the deal from the Yankees and then later signed with the Dodgers in November of 2007.

When the book releases, on February 3rd, Torre appears on Letterman that night, as the beginning of a long journey of being the talk of the sports wold. Torre will then begin spring training soon after being stalked by the media. With the bad publicity from New York, the two teams do not have a schedule match (thank gosh) but they could be a meeting in October.

LA has lost Derek Lowe, Rafael Furcal, Jeff Kent, Greg Maddux, Brad Penny, and possibly Manny Ramirez but the set of young and talented pitchers (Corey Wade, Chad Billingsly, Jonathan Broxton, and Clayton Kershaw) could take them deep in the playoffs. Their lineup is even better then there staff featuring a good set of outfielders (Matt Kemp and Andre Either) and the fast infielder, Blake DeWitt along with Casey Blake, Andre Eithier, and Gold Glover, Russell Martin. They may be very young but Joe Torre took a young team to 4 titles, I think he can do it in a new town. Maybe Joe is hoping he is treated better this time.

Monday, January 12, 2009

One Ring On, The Other One Gone

After partying last season about the arrival of their Super Bowl rings, the New York Giants this season won't be getting those.

Yesterday afternoon the Giants fell to the smokin' hot Eagles, 23-11. The twelve point loss ended the repeat season. That was the beginning of new things in the orginization.

Most likely coach Steve Spagnoulo will not return with Big Blue. Also the chances of Plax returning are unlikely. Also premier big back, Brandon Jacobs is a free agent along with Amani Toomer and Derrick Ward. So new faces will be in NY in the 2009-2010 season.

The nightmare of the '09 year isn't over yet as the Eagles fly to Arizona, just a game away.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Divisional Playoffs Picks

As the real NFL playoffs get under way, it wouldn't be complete if I didn't make my picks. Here we will begin with the Saturday games:

Titans 24, Ravens 28

I don't know how I just wrote that but maybe Reed and Lewis with Captain Flacco will pull off a win against a beat up Titans team.

Panthers 41, Cardinals 27

Another time for a Cardinal loss, another place on the east coast.

Giants 28, Eagles 31

I believe they can fly, all the way to Miami.

Pittsburgh 24, Chargers 23

In the closest game the red hot bolts fall.

Get ready for the conference championship picks next week.