Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interview with Dan Gutman

Dan Gutman is one of my favorite authors. He is a great writer from New Jersey who's books such as Babe and Me and Honus and Me are so enjoying to read. Here is my interview with him:

1. What gave you the idea to start writing your Baseball Card Adventures?
I knew a lot of kids collect cards, and I knew a lot of kids are fascinated by time travel stories, so I just thought I'd put the two together.

2. Who was your favorite athlete as a kid and why?
Cleon Jones of the Mets. I just kinda liked his style.

3. Are your books going to become movies on the big screen in the future?
I hope so. "Honus & Me" was a TV movie about 6 years ago, starring Matthew Modine and Kristin Davis. It was really awful. Don't see it. I hope somebody will make better movies of my books someday.

4. Which Baseball Card book was your favorite to write?
The newest one, "Roberto & Me." This time, my kid not only goes into the past, but he also goes into the future.

5. What deceased or living athlete do you dream of meeting?
Babe Ruth

6. What are your thoughts about steroids in Major League Baseball?
It is a horrible stain that will mark this past decade the same way the Black Sox Scandal marked 1919. There's plenty of blame to go around--the players, the commissioner, the owners,and the Players Association. Cheating has always been a part of baseball (my first baseball book was "It Ain't Cheatin' If You Don't Get Caught"), and I guess it always will be.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Interview with Coach Gary Williams

Gary Williams is the head coach of the Maryland Terrapins. He has won 649 games and won a national championship in 2002. Thanks Coach for this opportunity? Here is the Q/A:

1. Was Grevis Vasquez the greatest player you have ever coached?

I have been fortunate to coach many great players. Greivis is certainly in
the top two or three.

2. How would you describe beating Duke this year?

Beating Duke was a great feeling because it meant we had a chance to win the
league championship.

3. Who was your idol?

My first idol was my high school coach.

4. Is Maryland your dream job?

Very few coaches ever get the opportunity to coach where they went to school
and played basketball.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upset Mania

Would you ever think Murray State and Old Dominion would pull of upsets? Most likely probably not because March Madness is so unpredictable. Vanderbilt got stunned by Murray State on a buzzer-beater and ODU beat Notre Dame (and hurt my bracket) in a last minute, lead changing finish.

But thank goodness, Robert Morris, a fifteen seed, didn't beat my Final Four pick in Villanova. It took an overtime, but Villanova survived. Number 3, Baylor, and number 7 seed, BYU, faced an upset scare, but both survived. So know I'm wondering which team you think will be upset next in the tournament. I want to hear your Final Four and the results. Comment on this post at the bottom of the post. I have a Kansas, Pitt, Kentucky, and 'Nova Final Four, but I have a few different Final Fours.

Good luck everyone.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Night At the Big East Championship

First rule: Don't scalp tickets.
I went to the Big East Championship last night with a friend and his father. His dad told us about how 35 years ago as a ninth grader, him and his friends with to the tournament and when they gave a scalper their money, he ran away. Gary thought he learned his lesson.

When we got off the train, we were hounded. One man in a long, blue overcoat, followed us outside and sold us three seats for $70 each. Minutes later, we are told they are fake. Long story short, lessons could need to be re-learned.

We bought tickets from a guy we know for charity and as my friend Max tweeted, "College basketball is the best atmosphere." Waiting to pass the gate, ESPN cameras arrived and the "Hoyas Saxa" and "We are...Mountaineers" chants began. Pre-game we waited for autographs and were able to get West Virginia head coach, Bob Huggins' autograph. Later we were able to meet John Thompson Jr. (basketball HOF'r) and get his autograph. Sorry readers, he was much of a talker.

When we arrived at our seats, we met a Georgetown diehard. He gave Max and I the Georgetown history lesson and explained that Hoyas Saxa is Latin for "What rocks" while his friend chirped in that it was his dogs name. He was a true fan, while being sober and respecting of West Virginia. It was one of the funnest games to ever be at. As you may know, Da'Sean Butler hit a game winner in the last seconds to pull away and win their first Big East Championship.

In the spirit of March Madness, I have decided to create a pool. The bracket pool will be free and fun. To Get in the action now go to http://games.espn.go.com/tcmen/en/group?groupID=45866. The details are below. Winner will win an undetermined prize.

Group: King of Sports Blog Pool
Password: tkosb

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Never Mind

After a little bit of technical difficulties all blog postings will be posted here at www.thekingofsportsblog.blogspot.com. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thursday, March 4, 2010


After his big league [scripted] apology, it leaves me still wondering if Tiger Wood's return will be at Augusta? I hear all the stuff on the radio where people are saying how he would be bombarded with questions about his affair. I promised on December 2, I would never badmouth Tiger, and I don't intend on it. (First line=Just a Joke) So is Tiger returning for the Masters?

A return at Augusta would set the ratings on fire. I know my grandpa is always eating his pretzels on his comfy chair wishing that it was Tiger playing instead of YE Yang and PinkMan, Ian Poulter. I want to hear your thoughts about Tiger returning. I want every reader to answer the poll on the right of the page. I want to hear your thoughts more than ever.

Coming soon: My true idea of steroids in sports. Plan on it to be sent to Selig and you guys get a first look. Check back every day to see if it's up.