Monday, March 31, 2008

Baseballl 2008

Get ready for the 2008 baseball seasons. Here are my pedictions fort the year.

AL East-New York Yankees

AL Central-Detroit Tigers

AL West-Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

AL Wildcard-Boston Red Sox

Team Left Out-Cleveland Indians

NL East-New York Mets

NL Central-Chicago Cubs

NL West-Los Angeles Dodgers

NL Wildcard-Philadelphia Phillies

Team left Out-Arizona Diamondbacks

AL MVP-Alex Rodriguez-A-Rod will repeat his MVP award as the last Yankee to win MVP at the old stadium. A-Rod will leed the Bronx Bombers over the Red Sox.

Runner-Up-Miguel Cabrera

NL MVP-Prince Fielder-Fielder will bomb the NL including his fathers Astors. Fielder hit 50 home runs and 119 RBI's and was deverving of winning last eyar and this us the year he does.

Runner-Up-Ryan Howard

AL Cy Young Contenders-CC Sabtathia and Erik Bedard

NL Cy Young Contenders-Brandon Webb,Jake Peavy, and Johan Santana

Isiah, You're Fired

A New Yorker's favorite day of the year is the day when James Dolan gives Isiah Thomas, Basketball Hall of Famer, the pink slip. Thomas may be a great player but he deserves the induction to the Coaching Hall of Infamy.Thomas has now coached two treacherous years to be a fan. He's had five years of experience as a coach and his record is 184-216 and as the Knicks coach so far the record is 53-101 and hasn't gotten to the playoffs (and never will).Isiah isn’t much better as a general manager.

He has brought in ATROCIOUS chemistry, HORRIBLE players, and zero people who actually come to the game to watch the Knicks, not their opponents. It is a waste of time and money. If you haven't realized James Dolan is the only one who likes him. His players he brought in don't even respect him.

Indiana Pacers Donnie Walsh and Rick Carlisle could become the new head coach. If Dolan's smart he should fire Isiah and not get another head coach from the Pacers organization because last time it didn't work out so well.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Battle of the West

While the Eastern Conference has became a one man show, Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics, the best turnaround team ever.
All eyes lately have been on the west. A couple of MVP candidates and fantastic squads. This year even the 9th seed is still alive, the Denver Nuggets. The "Race To First Place" has been insane as the red hot Spurs are tied with Hornets who have the best point guard in the NBA,

Chris Paul. The Rockets, Lakers, Jazz, and Suns combine just 5 games back of first all together. The closest is the remarkable, Cinderella story, the Houston Rockets.
As soon as Yao Ming went down, the Rockets began a wonderful winning streak of 22 games which ended against Boston. The Rockets at 49 and 23 are just a half game off the tie for first. The Rockets led by Tracy McGrady led a show with no superstars, just pure teamwork and effort. The 41 year old number 4 pick out of Georgetown, Dikembe Mutombo, has taken Yao''s spot and has played wonderful leading the Rockets to this remarkable run.
Always remember Shaq, Nash, and Amare are still well alive in the race. Phoenix only 1 and a half games out have to hope that Nash plays phenomenal over course of the rest of the season.

Take your pick by leaving a comment with who you think will win the West.

Elite Eight of '08

MIDWEST. 10 Davidson .vs. 1 Kansas
As you all know Davidson's Stephen Curry has scored 103 points. He has demolished his opponents lately. Davidson has reminded me of George Mason's miraculous run a couple of years ago. If Davidson wants to have any chance they need to play run and gun down the court and get the ball off to Curry. Stephen Curry is the son of NBA sharpshooter Del Curry. We all would love to see Kansas lose but Brandon Rush, Mario Chalmers, and Darell Arthur are way to dangerous. Bill Self has gotten only as far as the Elite Eight as coach of Kansas. Is this the year for Kansas or will Cinderella
continue the run?

SOUTH. 1 Memphi
s.vs.2 Texas
A wonderful match-up between Chris Douglas-Roberts and Derrick Rose vs DJ Augustin and AJ Abrams. Texas has been tested in the tournament (Stanford) and lost a wonderful game to Kansas before the tournament. If DJ Augustin can get hot and stay in the game I have the feeling the Texas is going to the Final Four.

Xavier .vs. 1 UCLA
This game I don't think this will even be close. UCLA right now is the biggest threat in the country. Darren Collison, Russell Westbrook, and an insane superstar Kevin Love will demolish Xavier.

UNC .vs. 3 Louisville

Wow! Rick Pitino .vs. Roy Williams. The best coaching match-up since Coach K .vs. Roy Williams. I think that UNC as big of a threat as UCLA. This game won't be as good as it looks. UNC will go to San Antonio!

I think that the title matchup is Love and Company .vs. Hansbrough, Ellington, and Lawson in San Antonio.It will be an interesting turnout.

Tell me your picks on a comment.