Saturday, April 3, 2010

Final Four Predictions...Last Minute

Ok, game time is in three minutes. Just finished part of my English homework. Recommend the book I read, Feed by M.T. Anderson. I am excited!

I think that in the first game, Butler will win the game. Michigan State has too much questions. Despite playing so well lately, I am going with the underestimated, home team in Butler. It feels like Davidson back in 2008. I think Butler wins by 2 and Gordon Hayward goes for 28. Would you ever guess that a fifth seed would be in the finals in a year with great Kansas and Kentucky? Or that Michigan State would be back in the Final Four?

On to the next game, the tough game, I love the Mountaineers, especially after the Big East Title game. I have this gut feeling about the Dukies, but I think I'm going with my gut. Duke's seniors played West Virginia in 2008 and lost. I think Scheyer goes crazy and Duke meets Butler in the championship.

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