Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interview with Gabe Carimi

Gabe Carimi is the top offensive tackle in next year’s NFL Draft. He is currently projected as a top-20 pick and to the NY Jets. Here is our interview:

BW: Who was your idol? Why?

GC: I don't really have one but I guess I always try to emulate my father's integrity and kindness because he is a care and sincere person. I guess you could say my father Is my Idol.

BW: When did you start playing football?

GC: I started in the 7th grade.

BW: What NFL player are you similar to?
GC: Joe Thomas

BW: What was your favorite moment as a football player?
GC: 1st Big ten opener started as a red shirt freshmen against Iowa in Camp Randell at night.

BW: What advice do you give to a young football player?

GC: Hard work is the only reason why I am in the position I am today.

BW: Does pressure come with being the top offensive tackle of next years draft class?

GC: I just try not to think about it and constantly try to focus on being better today.

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