Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interview with DeAndre McDaniel

Here is my interview with Clemson safety, DeAndre McDaniel. He is the best in his position for the 2011 Draft. Here is my questions:

BW: Who was your idol and why?
DM:My idol has always been Brian Dawkins! He always played with passion and was aways a good leader! Plays every play like it's his last.

BW: What NFL player are you similar to?
DM: Sean Taylor! I can play the box like a SS and play the middle of the like a FS.

BW:What team do you want to play for in the NFL?
DM: Doesn't matter! My favorite team is the Eagles even though Dawkins left.

BW:What is your most embarrasing moment?
DM: Falling off bike in front of friends and girls!

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