Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Repeat,Way Off

The Boston Celtics were favorites this year and last year to win the NBA Finals, but injuries have heard their chances of repeating. KG went down, Powe's done, Rondo's ankle problems are a problem, and Tony Allen's threats are definitely set backs for Doc Rivers' team. Two summers ago this team put together the greatest offseason of all time where they acquired Garnett, Rondo and Allen, the ones who built a title.
Now this year they entered as the number two seed and now are in trouble as the series is tied at two a piece but Ben Gordon's injury will hurt the Bulls. Derrick Rose is red hot but I think the Bulls will lose the next two and watch the Celts play either the hot Sixers or Dwight and the Magic.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Playing With The Heart of a Champion

24-9 was the score very early in Monday nights national championship game, the North Carolina Tar Heels were playing like champs. They had already won all of their tournament games by over 10, but looked shaky early on. The Tar Heels faced Radford, LSU, Gonzaga, Oklahoma, and here was hometown Michigan State. After the Radford blowout, the team was doubted going into the game almost every time. Lawson wasn't healthy and it worried people. So up 15 pretty early you could tell the direction the game was going in.

55-34. That was the record setting halftime score. MSU was advertised as a tough team but I had barely saw that all night long. Morgan struggled and that sunk the Spartans ship. Strong games from the starting five and Ed Davis led to the 89-72 victory. Hansborough had the night of his life and proved that he could live up to the hype and finally win a title. Now Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington, two draft stars, have to make the tough decision, do they want to fight for another title or leave their legacy at Carolina after the school's second title in the past 5 years. Carolina has a shot to win another one but without two leaders, Danny Green, the Babylon boy, and Psycho-T, Tyler Hansborough. T has left his legacy laying on Ford Field's floor. One of the best player of the decade is heading to the NBA but is well doubted of his pro-level ability. Duke is looking good for becoming the pre-season number 2 seed, will that keep Lawson around in Chapel Hill.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Predictions [in nearly all sports]

I have slacked off this March Madness. I was in first place until a coach-less Memphis Tigers fell to a team I originally had going to the Final Four, Missouri and then Louisville and Pitt's horrible Elite Eight fall knocked me out. My favorite team, Carolina, has been my pick for the past five years but this year I mixed it up with a Memphis-Pitt final and that didn't work out well. So now my predictions have to come alive for 2009. Last year my final choice was jinxed after I posted it as my first ever article but this year I'm hoping the jinx doesn't hurt my Heels.

Villanova has been a strong number three seed who deserved a two from the start, but I think the journey will end in a slim 81-78 Tar Heel victory. And then next MSU against UConn. This was the easiest pick for me, UConn plays tough and defeats Michigan State. UNC and Connecticut, two one seeds with two strong big men. Now I hope the jinx comes alive, the stronger UConn beats Carolina to win it all.

On February 1st, 2009 the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl. After that I made a prediction of SB44, Pittsburgh against CHICAGO. The Bears have just acquired left tackle Calvin Pace and superstar QB Jay Cutler. Cutler was picked up after being furious in Denver for Kyle Orton and 3 draft picks, two of which were first round. The Bears are strong watch out.

With a pick added to Denver I will have to update the mock draft as the date comes closer. I definitely have some mix-ups knowing Nate Davis will be struggling to find a job, the Niners don't want Matthew Stafford, and the recent developing story that BC star, B.J. Raji failed his drug test today. I can't believe training camp is soon but I am more shocked baseball is finally here.

Now it is time to predict everything baseball possible and if you disagree just post a comment or email me at kingofsportsblog@aim.com where you can also subscribe so that when a new article is posted you will be updated.

Now lets start with the strong NL Central. The Cubs are as strong as ever and will definitely wreck up that division. Then I think the Reds could surprise many people and finish in second with the young core of stars such as Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Edwin Encarcion and Edison Volquez. The team also has strong veterans like Jonny Gomes and Aaron Harang along with free-agent Gary Sheffield who the Reds are pushing for. Next right on the tail of the Reds is the Brew Crew and Cherpin' Cards. The Brewers have a strong lineup but the pitching staff weakened losing Sabathia, Gagne and more and the Cardinals picked up Khalil Greene but I don't trust them well, they'll finish a game or two behind Milwaukee. Next comes the Houston Astros who I think will play well in April and May but get worse as it develops. They have great talent for a team who I think will finish in fifth place. They have Hunter Pence, Tejada, Berkman, Mike Bourn, Carlos Lee and more but I don't trust them in August. And last of all the horrible Pittsburgh Pirates who had not big acquisition unless you count Eric Hinske, an ex-Rookie of the Year. Pirates will win 50 games.

Next is the American League West which will be better without K-Rod. The Angels will win a close division with help from Bobby Abreu, Brian Fuentes, and a great year from Vlad. One and a half back falls the Oakland A's with good new talent in Nomar, Giambino, Matt Holliday and Orlando Cabrera. The A's will keep the Angels pace with a consistent season from Orlando Cabrera. Then along comes a fresh new Mariner team with Grif back, Endy Chavez and more cheap talent with a new manager, Don Wakamatsu. Then there is the Rangers who have week pitching that doesn't show the true talent of Hamilton and Kinsler. They lost a key part to last years success, Milton Bradley and that will bite them in the tush in October.

The highly anticipated NL East is next on the list. I love watching the collapses but Met fans, those days are over! The Mets will hang on with a great new 'pen and a strong Delgado all the way from April to September. Next falls the NL Wild Card '09, the Phils who will be annoyed that Burrell is gone when they look at the standings. Ibanez won't fill Pat's spot but the Phillies will be strong. Then comes the newly-improved Braves, with Lowe, Javy Vazquez and Kenshin Kawakami. Florida finishes fourth with a week off-season and a fight with Hanley. The Marlins chemistry is going down the drain, just like their chances.

LOS ANGELES IS THE TEAM TO BEAT IN BASEBALL AND BASKETBALL. The extreme bullpen with a great bench squad featuring Mientkiewicz, Ausmus, Lorreta and more and of course Manny Ramirez. LA will wreck it up and it will be ugly. Next is the D'Backs. Upton, Young and Reynolds will put up big numbers to keep them in the race. San Fran and Colorado sum up the bottom. SF is too weak to fight with the Dodgers or D-Backs.

Up next is the popular AL East. I will start from the bottom with the Baltimore Orioles. You don;t win a hard division with picking up Gregg Zaun, Felix Pie, Cesar Izturis, Ryan Freel, Ty Wigginton, Adam Eaton, and more names that wouldn't impress you. Then is the Jays who had no new moves except calling up star prospect Travis Snider. The Jays and O's will compete all year for last place. Then comes the three strong teams: the Rays, Sox, and Yanks. That order is the opposite of what I think it will finish. Tampa, in third, puts up a strong fight with Burrell but no Upton in April stings later on. CC has brought a new chapter to the rivalry. The Yanks finally have the talent to win the division. Tex and CC help the Yanks beat Boston's new talent (Smoltz, Penny, Saito and Baldelli).

I will finish the standings with the AL Central. This five team division has pop. Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago, KC and Cleveland. The Sox win the division with another strong year from Quentin. Minnesota makes a late season case but can't win it all. Detroit stuns with its amazing talent that didn't show up in '08 and then the Royals fall one game short of hopping in front of the Tribe.

I will post awards later on but now I will guess the first Yankee and Met to hit a regular season homer at their ballpark. The Yankees, Jorge Posada, will smack the first Yankee Stadium homer and Danny Murphy will do the same at citiField.

Last off the Cavs and Lakers will meet in the NBA Finals. Be ready for the Spurs and Celtics to give a strong fight in the Conference Finals to the two teams.

Check back with my predictions as the games and seasons go down.