Thursday, August 20, 2009

Interview with Ex-Baseball Player Billy Sample

Billy Sample played in the big leagues from 1978-1986 for the Rangers ('78 to '84), Yankees ('85), Braves ('86). He was an outfielder and formerly worked on Radio. Here are some questions he answered via e-mail.

BW: What was it like wearing pinstripes?

BS: Pinstripes made me look heavier.

BW: What was your favorite team to play for?

y favorite team was whichever was winning the most, my Yankees year we won 97, but did not make the playoffs.

BW: What teams did you dream to play on?

BS: The 78-84 Rangers, 85 Yankees and 86 Braves.

BW: Who was your idol?

I didn't have baseball idols, but always admired the way that former Yankees outfielder Roy White played the game. When I was with the Yankees, I told him so, he didn't believe me:-) My real idols were teachers, Cub scout leaders, and coaches as I was growing up.

BW: What would you tell someone who wants to make it to the big leagues?

BS: To get to the majors, work hard, and work hard on potential
talents, (speed, power, soft hands on defense, etc).

BW: Is it cooler to play in the MLB or work for the MLB?

No longer work for MLB or the dot com, but even if I did, it's much cooler to play in the majors, especially if you and/or the team are doing well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interview with the Other Great NL East Draft PIck Steven Matz

At the MLB Draft signing deadline headlines were made by a prospect who will over shadow this one for years. Steven Matz is an 18 year old pitcher from Ward Melville High School on Long Island who also got signed at the deadline like Steven Strasburg. Matz was signed by the Mets, possibly creating a pitching rivalry in the NL East. I got the chance to interview Mr. Matz at CitiField last night.

BW: Were you always a Met fan?

SM: Yes I was.

BW: Who is your favorite current Met?

SM: Johan Santana.

BW: What is it like to get picked for your hometown team?

SM: It was awesome.

BW: Will you be better than Steven Strasburg?

SM: (laughs) I hope so.