Friday, April 23, 2010

Interview with Jose Tabata

Jose Tabata was the Yankees second best prospect in 2008. He was in the trade that sent Ross Ohlendorf to the Pirates with Tabata and sent Marte and Xavier Nady to the Yankees. He is on his way to become an outfield star.

BW: Who is your idol? Why?
JT: Andres Galarraga followed the example and never made a dirty trick in his life in this case, overcame cancer and for his charisma and his way of life despite the fame.

BW: Who is your favorite baseball player?
JT: Derek Jeter is my favorite player because he is consistent and does not lose his groove despite the years he has played.

BW: What baseball player are you like?
JT: Players like Andruw Jones.

BW: What advice would you give to a young baseball player?
JT: Players like Andruw Jones would tell you, the advice to a player to not take criticisms the wrong way, and above all fight for what you want regardless of the obstacles you may encounter.


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