Sunday, April 11, 2010

Interview with Adrian Golden

Adrian Golden is a high school football player at Tarpon Springs High School in Florida. Some of the schools he is thinking about going to are Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, and more. He is the 58th best running back in next years college class.

BW: Is it difficult is it choosing a school to play at?
AG: Yes, because it's where you are going to get ur education and football for 3 or 4 years.

BW: What has been your favorite school to visit? Why?
AG: University of Florida was great area people are so nice there.

BW: What was your favorite school as a kid?
AG: University of Florida

BW: If you can play in the NFL, who do you want to play for?
AG: The Washington Redskins

BW: Who is your favorite football player and why?
AG: Sean Taylor and Clinton Portis because there are caring men, in they came from the florida, and like when i see them doing their thing makes me want it more. R.I.P Sean Taylor.

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