Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interview with Tyrone Johnson

Tyrone Johnson is a quick and one of the best guards of the 2012 college freshman. He committed to be a Georgetown Hoya in two years and seems like a classy superstar. Here is our interview:

BW:How difficult is it for a basketball star to choose a college?
TJ: Its very difficult for a student athlete to choose the right institution for them for many reasons. Location, the prospect might want to stay close to home to friends and family. Education purposes, the school might want him to start for there basketball team but do not offer his major at there university. Size of the school, some prospects want to be seen with bigger names rather than a smaller school thats more family oriented.

BW:Who is your idol and why?
TJ: My idol is Martin Luther King Jr, because he fought for all people and stood up for what he believed in and people hated him for it but soo many more people loved him for it. He died for his dream and now because of his dream, the world is a better place.

BW:What NBA are you most similar to?
TJ: The NBA player I'm most similar to has to be LeBron James. He came from nothing with the world against him and became a success in the midst of drugs, crime, and adversity.

BW:Who is your favorite NBA team?
TJ:My favorite NBA team is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

BW:Were you always a Georgetown fan?If not, who were you a fan of?
TJ: No. I'm a North Carolina Tarheels fan. I love the winning tradition they have and how they go about keeping their tradition alive.

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