Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Interview with Brad Childress

Brad Childress is the coach of the division winning Minnesota Vikings. Brad was able to take the time to answer these questions despite a hectic draft week for the Vikings. Here is our interview:

BW:What do you want your legacy to be remembered as?
BC: I think the most important aspect our coaches want to be remembered by is our preparation. No team can win every game, but we always want to outhustle and outprepare our opponents so it gives us the best chance to succeed. In any sport, the way you go about practicing and preparing carries over to game day. To be a winner, you must prepare like one.

BW:What is your most embarrassing moment?
BC: I've learned from many mistakes on the job. The one I regret is cutting Marcus Robinson on Christmas Eve. I should not have handled the situation that way and should have shown more compassion. I do not regret cutting him, but I look back in embarrassment at cutting him on that particular day and time. Marcus has a family--that move could have waited until after the holiday season.

BW: What is the toughest part of being a head coach?
BC: To be a head coach, you must have thick skin. Luckily for myself, I have been around Andy Reid, Barry Alvarez and many other strong-willed, talented coaches in my career. The fans are always very important to us, but it's crucial a coach remains dedicated to what he believes in, even if it's unpopular among many fans.

BW: Who has been your favorite player to coach?
BC: I've enjoyed almost all of the young men I've had the pleasure of coaching. Two of my favorites have been Pat Williams and Antoine Winfield based on the way our relationships have changed over time. Both are great young men and very strong willed. I pushed Antoine and Pat to get better and they pushed me to get better. We didn't always have a smooth relationship initially, but now we have a great one.

BW: What team did you like as a kids?
BC: Growing up in Illinois, I was a Bears fan.

BW: Who was your idol when you were younger?
BC: Family has always been very important to me. I love football but family comes first, and they are my inspiration.

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