Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interview with VT Coach Seth Greenberg

Seth Greenberg is the head coach of Virginia Tech men's basketball team. Coincidentally we are from the same town and we got to meet at the Jewish Hall of Fame. Here is our interview:

BW: Are you a good motivator considering you have beaten three top seeds as a coach (UNC, Duke, and Kansas; coincidentally who have won the past three National Championships)?
SG: I think we try to get our kids to play to their potential and be the best they can be and get them to understand to play every play and not to take a play off. To compete at the highest level each and every night is what our goal is as coaches?

BW: How do you think your team will do this coming season?
SG: I'm excited about our team. We returned, as long as Malcolm Delaney decides to come back and not go to the NBA then we return a lot of very good players. Now that doesn't mean because we were successful last year, really has nothing to do with this coming year. You've got to do it every single year. We have the potential to be really special?

BW: Who was your favorite coach as a kid?
SG: Probably Red Holzman. Who I looked up to when I got into to coaching was Larry Brown. Red Holzman because the concept of playing great defense, making the extra pass, ball-you-man defense, and moving without the ball. And Larry Brown because I thought he was a great communicator as a coach?

BW: What was your most challenging moment?
SG: You know your most challenging moment coaching is just trying to rebuild programs. At Virginia Tech we had to rebuild a program in the toughest basketball conference in the country, the ACC, but it is also your most rewarding moment.

BW: What was your proudest moment?
SG: Probably when we beat number one Kansas in Kansas. Winning on the road is so difficult.

BW: What goal do you want to accomplish by the time your career is over?
SG: To help mentor and develop young people and hopefully try to compete for a National Championship.

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