Sunday, June 1, 2008

2008: A Milestone Year For Baseball

Starting on April 22,2008, John Smoltz joins the 3,000 strikeout club. Then on May 31,2008 Manny blasts number 500 and the struggling Griffey hit homer 599. Sooner or later he will hit 600. Then theres Gary Shefield laying at 483 and is hoping to hit 17 more. Also Delgado has 439 which will take another year or two to hit but WOW what a start. Even mini milestones happened like Richie Sexson's (not his helmet throwing) 300th home run and Jason Bay hit number 130. Albert Pujols has 296 and will probably hit 500 soon in his career but it is like the baseball gods are calling for a crazy and exciting year where Boston is knocked out of the playoffs and so are the Mets by the Marlins leaving a Florida world series. With how this year is starting there is a slight (I mean slight) chance of Barry Zito winning the Cy Young or Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain combine to be 18-0 this year. Maybe even Webb winning 20.
What hot teams will stick around?: Cubs, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox
They both have great pitching and hitting and are the three best teams in baseball.
Who wont?: Florida squared, White Sox, Mets, and Toronto
Every team except for the Mets were expected to be in last and that's how this will end. Florida squared, New York, Chicago, and Toronto are in hard divisions and they will drop to the bottom.

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