Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today is a very sad day in the history of The King of Sports Blog. Today I the author, Brad, will be taking a temporary break from the reporting of your favorite sports news. My break from the job will start today and I'll return in mid-August because of summer camp. Don't be surprised to maybe see a quick blurb written by my pop up on the blog. Since this blog has been launched some amazing sports stories have happened like Kansas defeating North Carolina and Memphis to win the National Championship and the amazing round of golf from Sergio Garcia at the Players Championship or Big Brown winning the Derby. I hope you have enjoyed The King of Sports Blog 2008. To be placed on the mailing list which makes you eligible to be the first to find out when the first new article comes out leave a comment with your initials and your email address. Thank you for your support and I hope you keep reading.

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