Friday, May 30, 2008


After a first half lead the San Antonio Spurs have been sent packing after 5. Los Angeles ended their season in the Conference Finals just 3 wins away from going back to the Finals and showed wonderful effort as the 1st half ended. The Spurs were up 17 sometime during 1st half and LA cut it to 6.

Like I thought the winner of the Western Conference, by far the better of the two, would win it all. LA showed amazing depth. When the top three scorers, Kobe, Odom, and Gasol were sitting, Jordan Farmar stepped up and scored a few points getting the team excited.

Manu Ginobili only averaged 12.5 points a game and that hurt the Spurs. The reason why the lost the series was not because of the no-call in game 4 but because they blew big time leads like in game 1 and 5 and those were the biggest games. The Spurs need to move forward and get fresh and young legs and if they have to trade Ginobili (as much as I love Manu) and Horry for a higher draft pick instead of the 26th pick would be good. They could end up with a guy like Roy Hibbert. Also Chris Douglas-Roberts would fit in with Tony Parker's up tempo play and would be great by having the best mentor you can have, Tim Duncan. Douglas-Roberts is expected to go pick 27 to the Hornets, a team the arguably has a better point guard then Parker and a place where he can fit in with Tyson Chandler but in my opinion I would rather be in San Antonio because he would play in The City of Basketball Champions. By the way the Spurs have won every other year since 2003, could he be the difference maker?

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