Monday, June 9, 2008


The question for basketball fans is, "Are the Lakers finished?" After watching Kobe Bryant get criticized after losing 2 straight is pathetic. Kobe has averaged 27 points per game in the Finals and gets yelled at. If anyone besides the MVP scored 27 and lost they would be worshiped. After watching the depth of the Celtics after thinking LA would win I was amazed especially Leon Powe playing. I was extremely sad after watching his childhood story earlier and it gave my symphony for him. Powe was one of seven with his mother being a widow and their house burned down. They moved 20 times in 6 years and his mom was sent to jail. He was in foster care and it made me feel so lucky and grateful.

Hopefully Kobe wins at least one but I'm not a fan of Kobe and KG and now Pierce for his injury antics and then coming in a few minutes later. This was not the NBA Finals that I wanted to see because it is better seeing a Finals with a 4 seed and a 2 rather than 2 one seed's.

Expect Kobe done on Sunday just on time for the anniversary of the Pistons beating the Lakers in '04 in the Finals when the Mets got Seaver.

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