Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is Jerry and Omar Next?

The New York Mockery Mets are PATHETIC. Last night Jerry Manuel and Carlos Beltran were ejected for arguing balls and strikes in the Mets second straight loss. On Monday, King Felix hit a grand slam, the first grand slam by an AL pitcher in 37 years. If you didn't know he is the pitcher. You might think I badmouth the Mets too much but they are really just terrible.

After firing Willie and some of his staff, Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya should be next. You can't possibly believe that Fred Wilpon, the owner, likes Omar because that is what Omar said about Willie and he fired his "friend".

Jerry Manuel in his Mets managerial career so far hasn't been great. They are below .500 and after last nights disaster to the worst-in-majors Mariners by the score of 11-0 making them one loss away from being swept means two things: Make more firings and you should have kept Willie.

Manuel may be the only manager the Mets got but there are managers on the market like John Gibbons and Phil Garner. Even if they are spending more money they need a third manager. They can't possibly think that Manuel can win another manager of the year in New York, right?

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