Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who's Stoppin' Them Now

No other team will return as much talent as the Tar Heels. A number of other elite teams suffered through a defection or two or three. UNC did not. With the superstars returning how will anyone stop the Tar Heels. If you look closely all of the Final Four teams lost big time players: UCLA (Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook), Kansas (Brandon Rush, Mario Chalmers), Memphis (Derrick Rose, Chris Douglas-Roberts). If Carolina was a one seed this year how won’t they be next season with worse opponents?”

1. Injury

Ty Lawson hurt his ankle and he clearly wasn’t as great of a player. Like any great team you aren’t the same with hurt players.

NC got some good recruits like Tyler Zeller and Dexter Strickland. Unless there are surprise teams this year the Tar Heels are the overwhelming favorites not just to go to the Final Four, but to the Finals. Start printing the tickets for the 2009 Final Four in Detroit.

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