Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The REAL NL All Star Team

Here is the NL All Star team and you my be surprised.

Catcher: Brian McCann (.313 BA, 10 HR, 33 RBI's, 0 SB)

Brian McCann is the best catcher in all of baseball and that of course means he should be in the ASG 2008 and expect that to come for a few more years.

1st Base: Lance Berkman ( .385 BA, 17 HR, 47 RBI's, 10 SB)

When I hear Lance Berkman I think of MVP. Berkman is the MVP of the National League after going into June with 17 homers and 10 stolen bases and is a candidate for the 40/40 club.

2nd Base: Chase Utley ( .320 BA, 21 HR, 52 RBI's, 6 SB)

Chase Utley will be Berkman's runner-up. He leads the majors in homers and if he stays healthy expect him to keep it up.

3rd Base: Chipper Jones ( .407 BA, 12 HR, 35 RBI's, 0 SB)

Is it possible for .400? I think so. Any guy that has 200 at bats and is batting .407 in June deserves to be in the ASG even if he has been hurt.

Shortstop: Hanley Ramirez ( .292 BA, 9 HR, 23 RBI's, 13 SB)

Hanley beats out the great Jose Reyes slightly. Hanley hasn't been that good of late but still has better stats then Reyes in homers and batting average.

Outfield: Ryan Braun ( .297 BA, 15 HR, 42 RBI's, 2 SB), Adam Dunn ( .254 BA, 15 HR, 39 RBI's, 1 SB), Ryan Ludwick ( .321 BA, 13 HR, 42 RBI's, 3 SB)

I have nothing to say besides the fact these guys are the best outfielders in the National League.

Starting Pichers: Brandon Webb ( 10-2, 2.69 ERA), Carlos Zambrano ( 8-1, 2.51 ERA), Ryan Dempster ( 7-2, 2.75), Tim Lincecum ( 7-1, 2.23 ERA), Edison Volquez (7-2, 1.46 ERA)

Closers: Jose Valverde ( 4-1, 15 Saves, 3.86 ERA) and Brad Lidge (1-0, 14 Saves, 0.75 ERA)

They were traded for each other this off season.

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