Friday, June 20, 2008

White Sox .vs. Cubs: The Windy City and Outrageous Manager Showdown

I never thought I would hear an ESPN reporter say this series can be a World Series preview. Two first place teams in the Windy City. The teams have a combined record of 86-59 and combined a wacko manager.

This is the most hyped up series of inter league play because its Lou against Mini Lou, Lou in Lu Pinella. Lou is by far the most hilarious and outrageous manager and across the city of Chicago theres a manager following in his footsteps coming to Wrigley, Ozzie Guillen. The two managers have big mouths, are obnoxious to the media, have won a combined 2 championships, 7 playoff appearances, and most interestingly 73 ejections.

People think the best record Cubs have been patient enough that a World Series is coming after a hundred years. I've seen a wonderful picture of a Cubs fan saying the greatest Cubs quote, " I don't have a 100 years."

Will the real baseball curse end in the great year of 2008?

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