Monday, June 23, 2008

Is He A Future Hall of Famer?

Every sports fan has asked this question, " Is He a Hall of Famer?" Especially me! In this article I will clarify what active MLB players are going to be traveling to Cooperstown.

Curt Schilling: 216-146, ERA 3.46
Curt is a borderline Hall of Famer like many others. After researching guys like Bert Blyleven had more wins then Curt and he didn't make the Hall of Fame. Curt is a great pitcher and is a good candidate for the HOF.

Greg Maddux: 350-219, 3.11 ERA
Just like any pitcher with 300 wins Greg is a lock to be in the Hall of Fame.

Ken Griffey Jr.: .289, 601 HR, 1733 RBI
After his impressive 600th home run Ken Griffey Jr. making him 6th on the all-time list and 8 behind Sammy Sosa. Technically Ken is in 4th if you eliminate the steroid users.

Randy Johnson: 288-155, 3.26 ERA
His 4867 strikeouts speak for themselves and go along well with that World Series ring.

Tom Glavine: 305-202, 3.53 ERA
Tom Glavine is one of the most imitating pitchers of all-time. Once again a man who wins 300 wins is automatically in.

John Smoltz: 210-147, 147 Saves, 3.26 ERA
Sadly Smoltz's career can be over but Smoltz will always be remembered. You know how? Because you will see his face in Cooperstown.

Trevor Hoffman: 539 Saves, 2.77 ERA
Some people say he is better than Mo and I disagree even though Hoffman has way more saves but that doesn't take him out of this list. Trevor is a mentor and the leader of most saves ever.

Mariano Rivera: 464 Saves, 2.29 ERA
There are reasons why Mo is my favorite closer. Mo is clutch and has so many rings. Mariano is definitely a Hall of Famer.

Alex Rodriguez: .307, 532 HR, 1544 RBI
An A-Bomb for A-Rod! He may not be my favorite player but he is America's.

Derek Jeter: .316, 199 HR, 965 RBI, 4 World Series Rings
DJ is my favorite player and I have to stick with him. No matter what SI says Derek Jeter is the best shortstop ever.

Manny Ramirez: .312, 505 HR, 1653 RBI
• 2004: American League Silver Slugger• 2004: World Series Most Valuable Player
• 2005: American League Silver Slugger• 2006: American League Silver Slugger

Those stats mixed with 2 rings makes a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Pedro Martinez: 211-94, 2.84 ERA
I know right now you guys are nodding your head but Pedro simply is a great pitcher and without injuries he would have 300. Pedro has won two Cy Young in the AL and one in the NL.

Frank Thomas: .302, 520 HR, 1701 RBI
Frank is such a great player and I always pick him up in video games but that doesn't matter. Frank would be so much closer to the Hall but he is a DH.

Jorge Posada: .278, 221 HR, 880 RBI
Hip, hip Jorge!!! Jorge is such a great leader and is such a great Yankee. He has won 4 rings and one more is coming if Joba and Hughes step up big.

Need more great years:

Ichiro Suzuki(34 years old): .331, 70 HR, 446 RBI
Ichiro's 2004 season sums up how great he is. He defeated George Sisler's single season hit record with 262. Suzuki needs to be traded to a winning team and win a ring and he will be booking a hotel in Cooperstown down the road.

Albert Pujols (only 28 years old: .332, 298 HR, 903 RBI
Albert has become injury prone and that may haunt him later on. Albert has at least 10 more years and is almost already at 300 with injuries.

Chase Utley (28 years old): .299, 119 HR, 451 RBI
Chase is not exactly Pujols but he is still a great player. He is having an MVP year and has a lot of time left.

Alfonso Soriano (32 years old): .282, 256 HR, 670 RBI
Alfonso along with Utley barely made my list. Alfonso has won 3 Silver Slugger's and I think one more is coming.

Carlos Zambrano (27 years old): 90-58, 3.39 ERA
Zambrano is one of my favorite pitchers and is so overpowering. Carlos is one of the best pitchers in the majors. He has many years left and will get 250+ wins.

Brandon Webb (29 years old): 76-59, 3,24 ERA
He won the Cy Young in '06 and is ready to win one now. Webb is on a good young team and will be the best player in all of baseball in a few years.

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