Monday, June 16, 2008

Free Willie

After sitting through a double header at Shea I heard all the booing I need. Willie Randolph has been criticized and is a couple of losses away from losing his job as the Mets manager. The Mets with wonderful talent have been below decent. The Mets are 6 and a half games behind the red hot Phillies and are 33-35. The Mets, who were projected by many to go to the World Series, might not make it to October. They are terrible on the road where I thought they would play well because they don't have Met fans screaming and hollering at them. They aren't getting any better. I said to my father that they need to get into a fight to fire their spirits but they can't because then they would have to go to 35 year olds who haven't gotten base hits since the '90's (Robinson Cancel) and utility players who can't catch pop-up's (Damion Easley). I know this was their motto this year but they really need to start fresh which can only happen by getting a new manager, coaches, and a new general manager. Yesterday afternoon Sandy Alomar Senior who is two old to walk to third sent home Brian Schneider who was out by a mile which would have been the tying run. For your information 9 of the 25 current players are 30 or younger.

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