Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I'm back after a pretty long hiatus and I will be back on here as much as possible from now to January 9th, my bar-mitzvah. Since we are now in one of my favorite parts of the year, the bowl season, Heisman, and NFL crunch-time, I am excited about my return. I've been lacking my college basketball following also, so by the time you have your brackets you will be with great advice from the blogger. So what have I missed. I can make a bullet list that will reach the floor if I was to write one, but you and I would rather read about what I haven't missed. Bob Costas told me last year at an event, "Never bad-mouth somebody." So in that case, I will not be writing about the faults of Tiger Woods, only his successes (that should make Poppy happy). So what am I going to write about? I think I'll start with college football, but for now on you can comment below this article on what you want me to write about. The Heisman weekend is approaching and there isn't even a clear cut three finalists anymore. Currently you would think the three might be Tim Tebow, Florida, Colt McCoy, Texas, and Alabama tailback, Mark Ingram, but that is WRONG. They all have upsides and downsides, but there are other contenders who only have upsides. There is Stanford running-back, Toby Gerhart, the dark horse. His upside reaches up to the Empire State Building's highest point. What's not to love about Gerhart? He's the most powerful running back in America, and he's only getting stronger as the season goes on. His performance against Notre Dame was stunning. Gerhart rushed for 205 yards and 3 TDs against the Fighting Irish tonight. He also threw a TD pass and caught one for 33 yards. Gerhart finished the regular season with six consecutive games of 120 rush yards or more. The next dark-horse, a quarterback. Boise State has been a powerhouse since I was nine. They never went to the title game and were constantly undefeated. Their old face was Ian Johnson, a dominant back there who now is on the 10-1 Vikings. Johnson has no experience to losing. Kellen Moore, the new Boise State man kicked off his year in a great game against Oregon. The postgame was all that was remembered of that. When Oregon's LeGarrette Blount threw a sucker punch at a Boise player and continued going nuts, Moore's performance was erased from all brains. He might not catch the top contenders because of the quality of Boise State's opponents, but Moore has been brilliant under center. He has thrown five touchdown passes in three games this season, including two of his last three contests.

The clear frontrunner is Colt McCoy. The experts on say that so far the voting so far is that McCoy has 67 total, Gerhart has 61, Tebow has 35, Ingram has 27, and Moore has twenty for. McCoy leads in first place votes, Gerhart leads second place, Ingram leads third place votes, and Tebow leads in fourth place votes. The question is this year going to repeat what happened last year. When Texas Tech quarterback, Graham Harrell was the clear fourth place he arrived in New York City, just to be sent home the day before the ceremony. This year that could happen to arguably college football's greatest player ever, Timmy T. In ESPN's case they could keep the top teams quarterback for the ceremony, even if he isn't in the race. I would definitely want to watch the event with Gerhart, McCoy, and Ingram standing next to the Gator icon. My pick before one of the largest college football weeks would go to Colt McCoy. Colt has kept his team undefeated all year and stayed in the top three. His team has been overshadowed by the SEC powerhouses, but held their spot. The scenarios are endless on who can be the winner. 'Bama and the Gators face off Saturday where a ton of things can happen. First, injured Mark Ingram can not play and throw away his shot or he can play. Against Auburn he played really bad and if he plays the same way against Florida he is out of the race but if he runs wild, leading to a win, that would make him a finalist and give him a shot to win a national title. Almost the same goes for Tebow. His numbers haven't been all that great, but if he plays great he locks himself a trip to New York, but with a loss and a decent game then he will miss out on being a two-time Heisman winner and a two-time National Champion. Nothing can take Gerhart out of the race, but McCoy could be. If McCoy and the Longhorns fail to win the Big 12 against Nebraska on Saturday he fails a shot at the BCS Championship. That wouldn't be the first time McCoy did that. Last November, Michael Crabtree made an amazing catch in the final seconds to stun the top ranked Longhorns eliminating Texas from title contention. McCoy needs one quick win against the Cornhuskers and he is in for a NYC trip and becomes one win from a National champ. So far this season Colt has thrown 3328 yards with 27 touchdown passes with just 9 interceptions. Comment your Heisman pick and who you think will play in the National championship game.

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