Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exhilarating Week in New York

The New York Mets have signed Jason Bay and probably Bengie Molina.
The New York Jets beat the Colts and with a win over the Bengals they are in the playoffs.
The New York Giants season is finished at the hands of the Carolina Panthers.
The Nets kill the Knicks for their third win of the season.
Lastly, New York's Time Square is to be packed for the ball drop tonight.

First off the Mets. With the signings of Bay and Molina, the Mets still aren't contenders in the National League. Their idea of getting a pitcher was Kelvim Escobar. They need a pitcher if they want any shot. I've heard that possibly they could trade Luis Castillo and more to the Cubs for Carlos Zambrano (no Soriano Amy). If you match them up next to the Phillies, the Phillies win about 8 of the nine positions even with Bay. I think the Mets will jump out to a great start until they lose Jose Reyes and two-thirds of their ugly bullpen. They could finish as a lousy second place team if they go to Port Saint Lucie without a nice starter.

J-E-T-S! The Jets are still alive as we approach 2010 as the Giants are done. Not what was expected when the Giants started off with a 5-0 start. After the Panthers tore them apart with back-up quarterback, Matt Moore, the Giants 2009 were laid to rest.. The Jets though just need a win over Cincinnati to get in, who could choose to sit their starters or "lay down" as Lamar Woodley, of the angry Steelers say. The Pittsburgh linebacker says the Pats and Bengals will "lay down" and lose to their opponents just so they don't need to possibly play in the playoffs against the defending champs. Are New Yorkers in for another bad last week where our playoffs chances are killed? Another heart attack season? Ocho Cinco says the Jets' Darrelle Revis is in for a field day, but is Chatty Chad in for a game on the bench? With a Pats win, the Bengals are locked in at the fourth seed. Whether or not their starters will play is still undecided.

Tri-state area basketball hasn't been fun this year. The Knicks lost to the three win Nets last night, an embarrassing loss. On Christmas Day, I saw the Knicks play D-Wade and the Heat. The Knicks really do struggle in the second half where they don't know how to put the cap on the game. The play hard when its too late (5 seconds left). Rumor has it, the Knicks could be interested in another former all-star, big mouth, Tracy McGrady. My brother and I even got a "We Want Nate" chant going. Knicks fans should have fun seeing the Nets or the Jazz (who have their draft pick via the Marbury trade) select Kentucky freshman stud, John Wall, in June.

Tonight ends a great and scandalous sports year full of second chances. A-Rod, from scandal to champ. Tiger, from scandal to indefinite leave. The legendary teams took the big time championships, UNC, UConn, Lakers, Yankees, and Steelers. The new hockey team of the decade, Penguins, will become a legendary franchise sooner or later in the new decade. To everyone, a happy and healthy new year.

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