Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Tri-State Playoff Run

As of today, the New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks are tied for the 9th seed in the Eastern Conference just two games out of the 8th seed. Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee are currently the last 3 teams in but they have lost a combined 9 in a row. The Detroit Pistons after a bad midseason move are falling fast as they have lost 5 straight.

The Tri-State teams are led by a young core with a good veteran. Devin Harris and Brooke Lopez lead the younger core of the Nets with veteran superstar, Vince Carter while the Knicks are led Krypto-Nate, who is playing with so much heart that the Knicks are playing like a playoff team. He is surrounded by Mr. Double Double, David Lee, and veteran pickup, Al Harrington, who currently averages 21 points. 

So who has the edge, The Knicks. The talent level the Knicks have to finish the year against is extremely lower than the Nets. The Knicks meet only two good teams in the Hornets and Orlando, who they play twice. Orlando is starting to struggle though with the loss of Jameer Nelson. The Nets schedule though is much tougher as they come down the stretch. The Nets have to play Boston, Orlando and Cleveland twice. They also play New Orleans with the dominant CP3.

So as the two teams we expected to share dead last fight for the post-season, we have to sit back and just watch Nate fly over 7 footers.

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