Thursday, December 17, 2009

It Went So Quick

Roy Halladay is traded. John Lackey is coming to AL East and Hideki Matsui is leaving it. Chone Figgins joins the Angels AL West rival and so does Cliff Lee, the Mariners. The D'Backs add Edwin Jackson and the Bronx Bombers trade for Granderson. Speedster Juan Pierre is also a Soc, White Soc that is (Thank goodness not a Red Soc). All in the blink of an eye. And even today the O's signed Garrett Atkins and Mike Gonzalez.

The offseason is definitely heating up and most of the big names have found a new home, but that doesn't mean there aren't any others around. The big outfield names, Jason Bay and Matt Holliday want the dough and both have teams very interested in them. Bay and the Mets have been in serious talks and Holliday is leaning towards re-joining the Cards. The middle-tier pitchers are still around, Joel Piniero and Jason Marquis. Marquis wants to be a New Yorker, Met or Yankee. The Mets, Yankees, Nationals, Orioles and Angels are among the teams showing an early interest in Piniero, who is considered one of the best pitchers left. There also is the Cuban Duo, Noel Arguelles and Aroldis Chapman. Chapman has everyone interested in his flame throwing ability. Arguelles is supposedly in the midst of a deal with the Royals. Well, if you need a right side infielder, there are three around, Felipe Lopez, Orlando Hudson, and Nick Johnson. Rumor has it Johnson could wear pinstripes once again. Anybody want Ben Sheets? I've seen that nearly every team is "interested" in the once good righty. He was K'O'd with injuries this year. He's won 10+ games with the Brew Crew in his 7 of his 8 seasons. Except for twice out of those seven years, he has lost 10+ games also. The years with less than ten losses were his best. He even won ten plus games his first five years. His earned run average in those first three seasons were 4.76, 4.15, 4.45. So should the Yankees get a guy with a 3.73 lifetime ERA, elbow injuries, and almost as much losses as he has wins?

I don't think I should go on and on about baseball considering there is plenty time to go before opening day. I picked the Heisman order correct, but would you dare to follow my football picks? Well here are the week 15 picks of mine:

The XXX means the ones I picked. Here's my picks Poppy.

Next posting I'll give you my take on the college bowl games.

RIP Chris Henry of the Bengals.

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