Friday, February 20, 2009

The Soap Opera Which Is Alex Rodriguez

He was went through a divorce, Madonna, 500 home runs but the next chapter is titled February 2009.

His positive test has led to a meeting with Peter Gammons and a press conference with 200+. He has been haunted by his nickname of A-Rod which has been made fun of and changed in every possible was besides A-Nice Guy. Rodriguez very hyped up arrival to spring training has only turned into more people doubt his credibility. The man has PROBABLY told some lies to the public but who knows maybe it's all true but America wants him to look bad. A-Rod has made the sports section full of rude headlines and no forgiving him. Rodriguez wants to focus on baseball and contribute to the run for championship number 27.

So will the country that only forgives celebrities cannot forgive a future Hall of Famer. The only way that A-Rod could be forgiven sadly is if the Bronx Bombers bring one back to the new Yankee Stadium.

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