Friday, December 11, 2009


My location at the moment is on the 44th of the hotel where four of the most popular people in sports today are. Tim Tebow, the great. He will go down in history as arguably the best quarterback in college football history. Then there's Ndamakung Suh, the big defensive lineman from Nebraska looking to steal the trophy. Then its Colt McCoy. The Texas superstar is a Top-10 projected pick and a two time nominee and player of the year. Then the tailbacks, Ingram and Gerhart. Both explosive with great potential. I'm am sitting on a tan table with my black briefcase. Sitting, waiting, wishing. I've seen the hopefuls today and even got Timmy T to laugh a few times. But I'm 0-4 (McCoy hasn't arrived). I'm on the second highest floor. Ingram and Tebow are in an interview room. Wait, I just got a call from my dad. Bad news. Ingrams down on the 8th floor. I've spent all this time here. Wasted. Oh, and my picks. In this order it will be Ingram, Gerhart and Suh real close, McCoy, and Tebow. Wish me luck. Check back soon.

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