Sunday, January 25, 2009

What Comes Around, Goes Around?

A few days after he rejected the Yankees 5 million dollar contract with bonuses, Joe Torre's book deal was announced. The book is written by SI's, Tom Verducci. The latest reports in the New York papers say that Torre blasts the team that he won 4 championships with. The book reveals the foolish nickname the Bombers called A-Rod, A-Fraud and his rivalry with teammate, Derek Jeter. Torre was embarrassed with the deal from the Yankees and then later signed with the Dodgers in November of 2007.

When the book releases, on February 3rd, Torre appears on Letterman that night, as the beginning of a long journey of being the talk of the sports wold. Torre will then begin spring training soon after being stalked by the media. With the bad publicity from New York, the two teams do not have a schedule match (thank gosh) but they could be a meeting in October.

LA has lost Derek Lowe, Rafael Furcal, Jeff Kent, Greg Maddux, Brad Penny, and possibly Manny Ramirez but the set of young and talented pitchers (Corey Wade, Chad Billingsly, Jonathan Broxton, and Clayton Kershaw) could take them deep in the playoffs. Their lineup is even better then there staff featuring a good set of outfielders (Matt Kemp and Andre Either) and the fast infielder, Blake DeWitt along with Casey Blake, Andre Eithier, and Gold Glover, Russell Martin. They may be very young but Joe Torre took a young team to 4 titles, I think he can do it in a new town. Maybe Joe is hoping he is treated better this time.

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Cheryl said...

Wow!!!! I cannot believe Torre is dissing the Yankees and in turn New York. The fans have always been so good to him.

Awesome posting. I guess we will be making a trip to Borders next week.