Saturday, January 31, 2009

XLIII: The Score, The Prediction

The Arizona Cardinals will play the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight. 

There are many aspects that will take place in this game. 'Zona rarely wins on the east coast but plays well in warm weather. The dome they play in is warm and the weather will be 66 degrees with 5 MPH of wind tonight. Also how intense could the '08 version of the Steel Curtain. James Harrison will be at his best and hopefully Big Ben will be also. Kurt Warner has sensational as of late, but the real Arizona story is Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz hasn't been the superstar of the Cards in the past few weeks taking the spotlight making for an unhappy Anquan Boldin. Boldin is a free agent at the end of the game and then the bashing will begin. Boldin left the celebration at the NFC title game after being a leader in his whole Cardinal career. While Fitz is out catching passes, and Boldin will be yelling at the coordinators, but Fitzgerald's father will be reporting at the Super Bowl. When Fitz was younger he shared a practice facility with Hines Ward, his opponent and nut case Plaxico Burress. Also as a kid he worked as a ball boy for the Vikings and spoke with stars such as Randy Moss and Cris Carter. 

So down to the point I have predicted my final score of Super Bowl XLIII and here it is:

Pittsburgh Steelers

Arizona Cardinals
After Pittsburgh wins the MVP is...
Hines Ward who catches 7 passes for 150 yards.

Enjoy the venue of the year.

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