Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kentucky Derby

To alert you now I have now clue about horse racing and the Kentucky Derby. I've only heard of Barbaro and Seabiscuit. I do know that the NBA and NHL Playoffs are heating up.

The Rangers are making a run to be like the '04 Red Sox and 1 series done in hockey town. Speaking of Boston, the Celtics have gotten embarrassed in the past week. They go in as the 1 seed with almost the best starting 5 ever, KG, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce, and the HAWKS forced a game 7. The Cavs and Jazz stroll by in the other game 6's over Houston and Washington. The 2nd round is on fire.

In the NBA you have Duncan and the Spurs, the defending champs going up against Chris Paul and the red hot Hornets (Spurs in 6). Then you have Superman Howard vs Crazy Rasheed (Pistons in a heck of a series in 7). We also have Kobe vs Deron but we all know the turnout (Lakers whenever they are ready) and we have the last series the sloppy Cavs with beat up Lebron could take on Boston or Atlanta. I can't believe I said Atlanta at this time of the week.

Now lets go to hockey where the 2nd round is coming to an end unless the Rangers get hot. Montreal, the 1 seed played Philly, the 7 and as of now the Philadelphia Flyers are on the verge of beating the 1 and the 2 seed because they are up 3-1. Pittsburgh is up 3-1 in a Ranger series where the should have won at least Game 1 and San Jose is down to Dallas 3-2.

Take your picks! Leave them as a comment!

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