Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Baseball Check-up

Carlos Gomez hits for the cycle, Gavin Floyd pitches a no-hitter but then Joe Mauer got a hit in the 9th, and the Red hot Reds are hitting the heck out of the ball. Joey Votto hit 3 dingers and Adam Dunn has hit 6 home runs with 16 RBI's in the last 16 games.

The Reds may be in last place in the central at 16-21 but have wonderful young kids and and good veterans. Edwin Encarcion and Joey Votto who are both 25 years old lead the Reds in homers with 7. If the Reds keep hitting and pitching well they could be contenders.

And for Floyd and Gomez great job. Gomez has been on and off this season and the same for Floyd. These are two guys who could be good players down the stretch. Gomez is a good young prospect and Floyd pitches great at 25 and has a ton of potential. It may be possible that in 5 years we hear that Gavin Floyd wins the Cy Young and Carlos Gomez wins MVP. But don't count on it.

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