Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are The Spurs In Trouble?

The Spurs are one loss away from having their repeat dream fall short again.

Down 3-1 traveling to LA after another unlucky loss are the San Antonio Spurs. After another great night by the Spurs Big 3. Timmy D had 29 points and 17 rebounds in the Spurs 93-91. Kobe out played San Antonio at home. The Spurs would have been so much more comfortable going to LA at a tied series but instead every game is a must win.

Brent Barry definitely did appear to be fouled on the dribble by Derek Fisher just before the Game 4 buzzer sounded, which seemingly should have sent him to the line for three free throws to force overtime. When the call didn't come, Barry's hopeless heave at the horn sealed a 93-91 defeat to L.A. that edged San Antonio to the brink of elimination ... and another failure to win back-to-back championships. Barry later said,"That play was not where the game was lost." I agree the Lakers had 13 offensive rebounds where they scored some big points.

Lakers' fans must be saying that the Spurs should have this series tied and we got lucky. I have some faith in the Spurs but not a lot. "We had a hill to climb being down 0-2 and now we have Everest to climb being down 3-1." as the great Brent Barry says. Will San Antonio get to the top of the mountain for the 5th time?

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