Monday, May 26, 2008

The Liars: More Steroids Issues

Gym owner, Kelly Blair, often bragged to friends and clients who worked out at his Pasadena gym that he supplied performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes, including Jeff Bagwell, Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens. Jeff Bagwell immediately said, "I've never met the guy, I have no idea who he is, I've never been to his gym." If this is true Bagwell is next on the "Liar List" he has ruined his chances of making the Hall of Fame. Blair wanted to be known as the guy behind the professional athletes.

That report contradicts Blair's recent comments to, where he revealed he told two FBI agents he never supplied HGH to Clemens or Tom Pettitte, Andy's father. Blair also indicated he never met Clemens. Bagwell was not contacted by the Mitchell commission prior to the release of the report or ever been in any steroid discussion. Bagwell is currently employed by the Astros as a special assistant and likely would have been mandated by the team to cooperate with Mitchell investigators.

I happen to be reading Jose Canseco's book, "Vindicated" and he took steroids to fulfill a promise to his grandmother to become the best baseball player. He found any way to be the best including cheating and he told people it would make them better. Now I think guys like Bonds who would've hit 500 without 'roids are doing steroids to increase their salary. They don't care about their teammates they care about themselves. They are self centered. There are only some guys who are team players like Jeter and Tulowitzki. Steroids only kill you and hurt you, you are only good for a short time. Until you get caught and lose your respect and fans.

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