Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Were The Writers Write?

This month the Baseball Writers gave out some awards that will be remembered in history. Today Dustin Pedroia was named AL MVP who definitely deserved it. Justin Mourneau was his runner-up. Ever since the year when Mourneau and Mauer were voted for the most a couple of years back and Johan won an AL Cy Young that the writers favor the Twins.

Pujols. NL MVP 2005 and 2008. Albert put up fantastic numbers with a 357 average and 37 homers but Ryan Howard was the HR and RBI leaders and led the Phils to a title unlike Pujols who took his team nowhere. Howard was the real MVP but his average killed him.

Tiny Tim and Cliff Lee. The Cy's of '08. I thought K-Rod and CC deserved it . They took their team to the playoffs and put their names in the record books. K-Rod had the single season save record and CC pitched a no-hitter. Another writers mistake.

I was fine with Manager of the Year and Rookie of the Year but was irritated that the awards aren't based on the postseason results. Philadelphia won it all and Howard got no love by not winning WS MVP or MVP. The writers just like the sports need to change. Fast!

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