Friday, December 12, 2008

Interview With Yankees Superstar Joba Chamberlain

Joba Chamberlain is a right-handed pitcher for the New York Yankees. Joba pitched 15 shut-out innings in 2007. Chamberlain has a career record of 5-3 but his pitches come at you like lightning. Joba answered these questions at the Chrones and Colitis Foundation Dinner last night in New York City. Here is the interview:

Q: Who was your idol?
A: My idol was my dad.

Q: What does Joba mean?
A: It is a nickname.

Q: What is it like playing for the Yankees?
A: It is unbelievable.

Q: Who will have a better year: CC or Joba?
A: I hope we have equal years.

Q: Who do the Yankees have the best chance at getting: Lowe, Sheets, Burnett, or Pettitte?
A: Everybody. We're the Yankees.

Q: Do you speak to [Brian] Cashman during the off-season?
A: No, he's busy already. Why would he talk to me?

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