Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Real Story of Basketball: Continued

Number 68 was not on the list and my tryout was only pain to my legs. Tryouts were tough and I guess I wasn't as good as the 14 names that are on the team. Many people, including myself, disagreed with some of the coach's picks. The coach took about 5, seven-footers (or maybe 5 foot) and totally changed the way he wanted his team to look. Coach Murphy said he wanted a ball-hog free team but of course took ball-hogs. Coach Murphy also said he wanted leaders but left out one of the best ones in town, me. I know I am not the best player on most of my teams but I could average good numbers, with a big impact on the team and play my 100%, never give up, pump up the team, and straight up, lead the team better then anyone. After this extremely exhausting tryout, I now know that I have to work harder to make next years team. There is a lesson embedded in this post. Never give up.

My younger brother us following my footsteps in being a leader. His hockey team was down 7-2 and he pumped them up and brought them right back in the game. It excites me to see that someone is following me and I always used to say he would be a better athlete then me just by watching me. He might already be faster and stronger then me and you might have to add leadership to that list. It feels good when someone looks up to you and I hope for his number to be on Murphy's list in the near future.


brad wolff said...

brad I am very proud of you in your outlook of life and your relationship with your brother
love you

Anonymous said...

This is the best blog in the country!