Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Real Story of Basketball

"They made that shot look easy."

In NBA history, 38 players have won the NBA Finals MVP Award. Those 38 players have worked their butts off to help win a title. In the 62 years of NBA history tons of players have played in the NBA.

This week I tried out for my school basketball team. I was running over 15 laps a day and about 8 suicides down the court. I was aching and still aching with all the laps. When you sit and watch a professional basketball game and some 6 footer hits a three pointer, everybody says, "They made that shot look easy." I wish people could say that about me this week. I put so much effort into making this team like millions of kids who set a professional sports goal and well, it turns out they did it for nothing. I have a 1 in 35 chance in making this basketball team, if I don't make the team then I truly worked my butt off for nothing. If I asked Kobe or AI how much work it took to be where they are they would say, "Well a lot!" People who love watching basketball, but don't play truly don't appreciate how much hard work and effort it takes to put a ball in a ring. They think that is all basketball is. Those people don't think about the 100 laps a week and 45 suicides for every missed lay-up. If that was what my coach did I may still be running now. Say if you ran out to the park tomorrow morning and counted how many baskets you make out of a hundred you could be surprised if you only make 12. It is a tough thing that requires a lot of different things like energy and athleticism which some people just don't have in their genes.

Tomorrow at 8:00 AM, Coach will post the team on the Boys Locker Room Door with a list of 14 numbers on it. Hopefully 68 is on their and when you watch Lebron James tonight against Denver, think of how much work he put into his career and that one little jump shot from 12 feet away.

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