Saturday, November 1, 2008

How Long WIll It Take 'Till We're Chanting Fire D'Antoni?

After a horrible loss, cursing, and even putting a former superstar on the inactive list, Mike D'Antoni hasn't exactly started off on the right foot. I can already picture me blogging in January when the Knicks are 1-50 and saying fire Mike. So how long will it take?

The Knicks suck and will suck and we all know that. Marbury and Curry are benched and they can score 10 a game even with their problems. I want the Knicks to be a better team but not get a new coach but as a Knick fan I have to think about my "Fire Mike" article but it won't be his fault. The Knicks are not a good team and it's not D'Antoni's problem.

More stuff is going to happen where the guys that matter, the players, not the fans (who don't matter really), hate D'Antoni because they do in week one already. But us the fans are just going to have to watch the Knicks suck, pick Hansbrough at number one and win a g-d damn championship in '10 where LJ23 is wearing orange and blue.

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