Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Supreme Team

I couldn’t watch the Dream Team but I feel like I am by watching the Redeem or maybe even the Supreme Team. They played Australia this morning at 8:00 AM ET and wrecked them. The largest lead of the game was 32 and they won 116-85. USA came out strong in the second half with a 14-0 run which was cut by a Patrick Mills three (who scored 20)and were only up one in the first quarter. The team knows that they can’t expect a first half knockout because they have to wear teams out. Three three pointers changed the momentum of this game. To end the first half as the USA was up 9 Deron Williams hit a buzzer beater three then in the second half Kobe and then Melo hit three pointers to make it suddenly an 18 point game. USA now meets the winner of Argentina/Greece. Argentina has played well could they possibly give them a fight? As the US team gets closer to gold listen to the luck they have, Kobe’s birthday would be the day before the finals and Michael Redd’s birthday is on the finals. In the victory Kobe and Lebron combined for 39 points and 15 boards as LJ had a double-double.

The United States dominated them in every statistic. Australia was out rebounded 58-27 and every other stat. Literally! As the gold comes closer for us watch them play on Friday for the chance to get to the Finals.

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