Sunday, August 31, 2008

Colllege Football Weekend Recap

As the highly anticipated college football season begins I was happy until my favorite team, Michigan, goes for a two point conversion down by twoo and it was, NO GOOD. This was a little weekend of upsets and a weekend for the two seed to be upset. The upsets include: #9 Clemson, #17 VT, and #25 Pitt.

The number two seed Ohio State did destroy Youngstown State 43-0 but their junior, running back sensation, Chris "Beanie" Wells took a hand off at about the three yard line, dropped the hand off and slipped on his foot in the third quarter. His feet slipped underneath him as he planted to make a cut, with the ball rolling free as he hit the turf. Before the injury, Wells ran for 111 yards, including a 43-yard touchdown run. OSU's Heisman Hopeful has yet found out when his return is but the team wouldn't need him against Ohio opposed to how important he is against #3 USC on the 13 of September where they are playing to keep their National Championship bid alive.

I was pretty impressed mostly with the highly overrated Georgia. They are worthy of a top 5 seed but not 1. Matthew Stafford looked wonderful and in eight carries, my Heisman selection, Knowshon Moreno, scored three TD's, a career high. For the first time in three years the number one seed on the AP Poll did not fall on week one.

Other news from around the league is that Coach Joe Paterno who started his 43 season at Penn State yesterday, tied Bobby Bowden for most coaching wins at 373. Also Appalachian State couldn't pull off another upset in Baton Rouge against the defending champions, LSU.

Look out for Mark Sanchez, USC (coming of popping his knee cap on August 8th and played sensational yesterday), Charles Scott, LSU, and Shun White, Navy, who ran for 348 yards in 19 carries with three touchdowns. White averaged 18.3 yards per carry and his longest touchdown was 87 yards.

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