Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How Do You Like That?

After leading the Bears to the Super Bowl XLII, Rex Grossman is no longer the quarterback of that team. Kyle Orton is the new QB in the Windy City. Out of Purdue, Orton is 25 and he played weeks 15-17 for the Bears last year and appeared in 2005. Orton won the competition without directing the offense to a touchdown or completing a pass of more than 17 yards. His five preseason possessions resulted in two field goals and three punts. Orton really deserved his chance after in his last year at Purdue he had 31 TD's and 5 interceptions. Lovie Smith finally had to put him out there over Grossman at the season opener against San Fransisco at home.

Here's the big question Bears fans are thinking about: How will the Bears do this year?

and Devin Hester the release of Benson the Bears could be contenders. The division is up for grabs. The Lions can play well but don't count on it. Green Bay with Grant and possibly Rodger's could win 10 or more but the threat is Minnesota. Even with With the addition of Matt Forte the good running back from Tulane and Kevin Jones from the Lions along with re-signing guys like Brian UrlacherTavaris Jackson's injury (he might be back Saturday and if not they have Gus Frerotte or John David Booty) they are fine because of one of the best running backs in the league, Adrian Peterson. Last year they almost made the wild card with a record of 8-8 but they'll got better.

Chicago Bears: 9-7 or at the most 11 wins and will make the playoffs.

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