Thursday, August 28, 2008

As October Approaches Soon, Who's In and Who's Out

I made my predictions on the site before the season had began and now I will redo then as we come to the end.

American League

American League East: Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are only 3.5 games out with a lot of games to still be played and I think last night's win will carry to winning the division.

American League Central: Minnesota Twins

The Twins have an easier schedule as they come down the home stretch and will edge out the White Sox.

American League West: Anaheim Angels

It isn't even close in this division and it wasn't since May.

American League Wild Card: Tampa Bay Rays

With a narrow and lucky finish, unlike the '07 Mets, they choke and become the wild card team.

National League

National League East: Philadelphia Phillies

The Phils are a half game out and are going to sneak out with the division again.

National League Central: Chicago Cubs

The Cubs have really had a remarkable season and I think the players and fans courage with a mix of Lou Piniella the Cubs could go all the way.

National League West: Arizona Diamondbacks

At first I predicted them to struggle and Andruw Jones to hit 40 and I was way off. The Dodgers have lost 6 in a row and have knocked them selves out of the playoffs.

National League Wild Card: Milwaukee Brewers

This is a remarkable wild card team. CC Sabathia was a great pick up and this team is good enough to face the other wild card team in the World Series.

Playoffs (match ups are due to change)

Division Series

Angels vs Rays

3 2

The Rays put a hell of a run together but K-Rod is to good and if it is one to nothing in the eighth and he comes in it is over.

Red Sox vs Twins


The Twins got lucky that Detroit wasn't that good and that CC was traded but they got lucky in making it to the playoffs and they go home losing 3-0.

Phillies vs Brewers


Prince jacks a couple and they are on their way.

Cubs vs Diamondbacks


Due to a snowstorm in Chicago the series is canceled and is played in the clubhouse as a Rock-Paper-Scissors NLDS. Webb's fastrock wins them one and that all. Just Kidding! Cubs destroy but lose one because of mistakes in the bullpen.

Championship Series

Red Sox vs Angels


In the closest series of all-time Anaheim wins 4-3. In the 15th inning of game 7 a guy named Chone Figgins rips a triple and then Vlad with to out hits a base hit up the middle and it's over.

Cubs vs Brewers


The BrewCrew showed their youth to much and lost to the Cubbies.

World Series

Cubs vs Angels

Result: Cubs 4, Angels 3

The Hundred Year streak is OVER! Can you believe it?!?! Fans crowd the field like the old days, tears in the players eyes, and the city, WOW!

AL MVP: Carlos Quentin

NL MVP: Chase Utley

AL Cy Young: Cliff Lee

NL Cy Young: Brandon Webb

AL ROTY: Evan Longoria

NL ROTY: Geovanny Soto

AL Manager of the Year: Joe Madden

NL Manager of the Year: Lou Piniella

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brett fishbin said...

not bad predictions but quentin is a stretch along with the phils