Sunday, May 16, 2010

Interview with Samantha Prahalis

Samantha Prahalis a guard for Ohio State. Last season she was named to All-Big Ten first team. She is from Commack, Long Island and is ready to take over women's basketball next season. Here is our interview:

BW: What are your goals for your basketball career?
SP: To win a National Championship, be an All-American and play pro.

BW: What would you be if you weren't going to play pro basketball?
SP: A makeup artist or a hairstylist.

BW: Who is your idol and why?
SP: My nanny because she had great strength and was a great person.

BW: What NBA or WNBA player are you most like?
SP: I am a mixture of Steve Nash, Jason Williams, Rajon Rondo, Baron Davis and Chris Paul.

BW: What do you bring to a team?
SP: I bring high effort, energy, intensity and fun to a team.

BW: What is the Michigan-OSU rivalry like in women's basketball?
SP: The Michigan rivalry isn't too big for women's basketball like football but whenever you play Michigan, you make sure we get the win.

BW: What was your favorite part of living in Commack [Long Island]
SP: Just being on a such a fun team. Just those girls, we were all friends. And having all my family and friends coming to the games. High school basketball was so much fun.


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